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  1. [ubuntu] Banshee 1.4X incorrectly scrobbling CD's

    Not sure if it's my set up but scrobbling to works fine in Banshee unless I play a CD when it appears to only scrobble the first track! Is anyone else seeing this behaviour? If so is there a...
  2. Re: The #1 answer to all questions about speed

    I assume you mean 'ship on' although to be honest ship with is also accurate, but IMHO the OS should be flexible enough that it doesn't need 2GB+ just too function, my desktop ran fine on XP with...
  3. Poll: [ubuntu] Re: Ibex - Aperture beyond 4GB ? - Update problems

    I have the same problem,

    running on AMD 4450e x 2
    4GB RAM
    ATI on board graphics

    and although the message appears before splash screen, it boots fine but takes about 5-10...
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    Poll: Re: Master Kernel Thread

    great instructions, done a minimal kernel i.e removed all the non appropriate drivers and just waiting for compiling to finish, all plain sailing so far, but I suppose still time for it to all go...
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    Re: Dual Boot on Two Drives

    Wish, i'd spotted this thread before my recent HD hiccup, currently have Xp on one IDE drive, for the wife/Kids/Games and Ubunutu on a second. Installed Ubuntu after windows and Grub to Ubuntu HD,...
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