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  1. [ubuntu] Re: How to get all those extra mouse buttons to work

    XGen: Just wanted to thank you for that. BTNX isn't in 12.04 anymore, which is what I used to use. It was nice that it was graphical, but this was impressively easy and fast to set up.
  2. [all variants] Re: New brcm80211 driver guide for Broadcom wireless cards

    I got it working, and it has some nice advantages. It's a good bit faster when it works, and treats the network a lot better.

    However, it seems to stop working after a minute when I'm connected to...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Apache tries to load .htaccess that doesn't exist

    I know that this thread is a bit old, but I came upon it searching for the answer to the same problem. I found the issue, figured I would post to help anyone in my situation.

    For me at least the...
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    [ubuntu] pulseaudio not working.

    I am having a problem with pulseaudio on my desktop. It doesn't work [see? =P].

    If I set everything to OSS in Sound, it works, but only one application can play sound at a time, which is of course...
  5. [gnome] Changing brightness adjustment action

    I have brightness Fn + key adjustments on my laptop. They don't work. No idea why. However, with a little bit of hacking I created a script to adjust the brightness.

    My question is: How do I...
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    Re: HOWTO: Surround sound in pulseaudio

    Thank you Sammy for your guide! That, combined with Meuri's advice on opening gnome-volume-control and unmuting all of the channels (how could i forget that!) have allowed me to get full surround...
  7. Re: HOWTO: PulseAudio Fixes & System-Wide Equalizer Support (Hardy Heron)

    Great Job!
    I was having a few sound problems after messing with PA for a while and such. This guide and packages cleared that up.

    I have a new problem now, however. I am getting just a tiny bit...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Network share problems

    That sounds like a great idea. Increase the buffer more if possible, that seems to help. Defragging should help as well.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Accelerated or Compressed Dialup ISP

    No problem. It shows how much quality can vary. My Comcast an hour south of Chicago is great. Over 10mbps speeds, rare cutouts.

    Best of luck with your dialup,
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy Heron: The panel isnt fully transparent..

    In that case it must just be a Compiz change in Hardy.

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    [ubuntu] Re: NEWBIE: Using LAMP publicly

    Forwarding port 80 multiple times should be fine to my knowledge. halitech's solution is correct, find your external IP and use that to see if the forwarding is working.

    By firewall I meant a...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: What is the difference between ext2 and ext3 and does ext3 require defrag?

    I was just trying to clarify what bodhi.zazen wa saying in the first reply. I don't blame you for your evidence question. For my evidence, see here:...
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    [ubuntu] Re: problems with thoggen

    Try this:

    sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/

    It's changed since Gutsy, so it might not have been done on your computer.
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    [ubuntu] Re: HUGE wine issue (pun intended)

    Hmm... Wine settings seem screwed. Try "apt-get remove wine --purge" and reinstall. Or, w/o uninstalling, just 'rm -rf ~/.wine'. Either should (hopefully) fix your problem
  15. [other] Re: xcompmgr with openbox on Old rig

    Don't dump it! Turn it into a server! Having a personal server is great, and those are good specs for one. no graphics problems (headless), plenty of RAM, decent proc.
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Using Ubuntulaptop to remote connect(with VNC) to Vistapc

    Have you tried with just VNC? It's not secure, but it would be better for testing. Forget any tunnels and just [IP address of Vista]:5900.

    If that works then there must be something wrong with...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Accelerated or Compressed Dialup ISP

    First of all: it's not worth it. Dialup sucks. Anything faster is worth the hassle. PErsonal experience.

    All of the 'accelerated' internet actually just reduces the quality of the images with an...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Network share problems

    Sounds like the disk in the Ubuntu machine is pretty slow. You only get skips on the open - save - etc. It can't read the music at the same time it reads/writes files. Nothing that can really be...
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    [ubuntu] Re: "Touchpad" tab is gone

    I'm glad your into Linux!

    Regarding your problem: have you restarted X since you tried the SHM config thing? It's Ctrl-Alt-Backspace or just restart the computer. That should make it go into...
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    [ubuntu] Re: NEWBIE: Using LAMP publicly

    To make your server available publicly (as in HTTP? web server?), forward port 80 in your router to it. It is only accessible via IP address right now (run ifconfig to get that). Also, making your...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Server problem

    All the mirrors are unofficial I think... I've had problems with them before. Not supposed to be here though.

    Can a mod move this?
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Should Ubuntu be running this slow?

    In my experience Xubuntu is much lighter weight than Ubuntu. I got my old P4 128 meg RAM comp to run Xubuntu at a decent speed (It's my headless server now =).

    I would try Xubuntu and see if that...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy Heron: The panel isnt fully transparent..

    I think he has Compiz off but with transparency enabled (new in Hardy AFAIK). The transparent terminal/panels are transprent to the desktop wallpaper, not to the other windows. It's not as good a...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: What is the difference between ext2 and ext3 and does ext3 require defrag?

    Not sure if anyone directly answered...
    Ext3 is better than Ext2. Use it always.

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    [ubuntu] Re: Home Server on Mac Clamshell

    Yeah, I can't see any reason why that shouldn't work. The server is really light on resources. My server is pretty decent (1.8ghz 128mb RAM). Definitely get more RAM if possible though. It might be...
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