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    [all variants] Re: XMonad Suspend on lid close

    Thanks for your post! this got me on the right track!

    If you are running Lucid, open /etc/acpi/ and find this line

    . /usr/share/acpi-support/screenblank

    and replace it with
  2. Re: Improve (potentially halve) login time by using readahead

    I am having the exact same problem. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread. Aside from this one small issue it is great. 35 seconds to desktop on my AA1.
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Home folder partition showing up in Places Bar

    This did not work, but thanks for trying!

    It is strange because it should not be showing up at all, as the drive is not mounted in /media, it is mounted as /home.

    It was working correctly...
  4. [ubuntu] Home folder partition showing up in Places Bar

    I am running Hardy on an Acer Aspire One. 8GB Internal flash for /, and a 16GB SDHC for /home. Everything is working great, except for the partition on the SDHC still shows up in the Places bar, and...
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    Re: got Acer Aspire One? or EeePc?

    First I installed Boot Up Manager

    sudo apt-get install bum

    and removed services I could live without. Your mileage may vary.

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    Re: got Acer Aspire One? or EeePc?

    I have the 8GB SSD, 512 MB RAM version of the AAO running Ubuntu 8.04.1 and it is a great little laptop. After a little tweaking it boots fast (27 seconds in bootchart), and has descent battery life...
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    [ubuntu] Resume from suspend on lid open.

    I have an Acer Aspire One running Ubuntu beautifully, except for one thing. When I open the lid while suspended, it does not resume until I push a button. Is it possible for the lid open event to...
  8. Thread: PSP vs. DS

    by hardran3

    Re: PSP vs. DS


    -Requires no extra hardware to "unlock" its true potential. You just have to peruse some readme files and apply yourself :)

    -Plays AVC movies up to 720x480 (actually higher than its...
  9. Re: 2.6.24 Zen Ubuntu Kernel - Faster, Stable, More Hardware Support

    I got my ipw2100 wireless working by doing this

    sudo ln -s /lib/firmware/2.6.22-14-generic /lib/firmware/2.6.24-rc3-zen3-ubuntu-x86
  10. Poll: Re: How many Computers do you have and what OS is on each one ?

    AMD 850 with 256 MB RAM and Gforce 4 video. Runs 7.10 with Compiz like a champ.

    IBM Thinkpad R50p. ETA 2 days. will be gutsy as well.

    Oh and 2 XBOX running Gentoox for file servers.
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