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    Re: Gcstar collection manager

    Post to github
  2. Re: how to play different audios with mplayer in boot

    Play a random file with mplayer

    python path
    import argparse
    import os
    import random
  3. Re: how to play different audios with mplayer in boot

    What I would do is write a script. The script will need to build a list of all of the audio file names. After building the file name list, select one of the names using a random number generator. An...
  4. [ubuntu] Google Drive and Insync - some problems with file names

    With Ubuntu One closing and Google lowering the prices of the Google Drive storage (15G free) I decided to try this as a replacement for Ubuntu One. I ran into one problem with the synchronization...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: trying to recover files from a failed hard drive using Ubuntu 13.1

    Go to and purchase SpinRite.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: What should we users do immediately about the heartbleed heartbeet openssl saucy

    Set "Check for certificate revocation" on in all browsers. Even after servers have installed the 1.0.1g fix, they then need to revoke their current certificate and issue a new one.
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    Re: What do you use your Ubuntu for!?

    xbmc, browser (chrome), email (gmail) on the desktop.
    arduino and embedded coding on laptop. avr gcc and python scripting. A little javascript when needed.

    If I need to write a letter I will use...
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I was a Microsoft Developer for many years. I've quit the development rat race and have gone 100% Ubuntu for a year and a half now. I really enjoy XBMC and using the python language. I have a desktop...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: How do you setup the system so it automatically mounts a drive at startup?

    try looking in the /etc/mtab file. This is where commands to mount devices are found when the system boots up
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    [SOLVED] Re: Find & Replace !!!

    I am not familiar with the bluefish editor but, does it support grep type search and replace (as an option?). Otherwise you could use an external command like sed to process a grep like search and...
  11. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Making a DVD with buttons to go to properly selected chapters

    I've used Avidemux to cut a video into smaller scenes.
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    Re: Help with Awk (using Bash)

    have you tried breaking the printf into 2 statements? Only place the '\n' on the second one.
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    [ubuntu] Unable to mount location in nautilas

    I can open the workgroup and when I click on the computer name I get an error message box "Unable to mount location - Failed to retrieve share list from server". I am trying to open a Windows XP...
  14. [SOLVED] Windows machine not supplying list of shares to smb

    I cannot see my windows shares from my ubuntu machine but I can see my ubuntu from my windows machines.

    mainmeister@AcerLaptop:~$ smbtree
    Enter mainmeister's password:
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