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  1. Re: Kubuntu Hardy: Battlefield 1942 in Wine: won't run, needs patching or what?

    Well, I patched to 1.06.001. Then, I patched to 1.06.101. However, it still does nothing.
  2. Kubuntu Hardy: Battlefield 1942 in Wine: won't run, needs patching or what?

    I JFG'dI and RTFM, but I couldn't find the answer.

    Okay, here goes. I just installed Battlefield 1942 with Wine. The installation went perfectly. No hiccups at all. However, when I try to run it,...
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    Re: Tabs, tabs.....and more tabs!

    That was a very sneaky RickRoll. Does it count without audio?
  4. [other] Second internal drive for backup...which of these two?

    We're going to be getting a second internal hard drive to back our stuff up to, since our system doesn't have a slave drive and externals are more expensive. Our [current] main HDD is ~80GB and we'd...
  5. Re: vienna back to vista (key factor = language-learning programme)???


    That's a good idea.

    Also...they should talk to the company about a Linux port using a Mozilla (Gecko) or WebKit backend.
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    Re: >_> I just got $110 worth of books for $40

    Do you want a cookie?

    Also, (no Googling), what is the approximate speed of an unladen European swallow? (Fill in the blanks: Approximately __ furlongs per _________.)
  7. Thread: Crash IE

    by sajro

    Re: Crash IE

    I know I was.

    This was actually Stumbled in several categories (multiple entries via proxies and mirrors in the Linux category) soon after the StumbleUpon toolbar for IE was released. :)
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    Re: What languages can you/do you want to speak?

    Really? I would've thought South Korea would have some English-speaking tourists? Is your city not a real tourist attraction?

    Visual Basic...such an incoherent language. I normally like...
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    What languages can you/do you want to speak?

    First off: I know nathangrubb started the "Poll: How many languages do you speak?" but it's not the same focus. I'm wondering who speaks what, how they came about that, and what they want to learn.
  10. Re: Is it fair for Laptops with Ubuntu to be priced higher than those with XP pre-ins

    I don't think it's fair, considering it costs less to make Ubuntu laptops as far as not needing the OEM Windows license. Do desktops not have such an issue...?
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    [ubuntu] Re: stuck in 800x600 at LiveCD

    Have you tried installing the drivers for your graphics card (ATI, Nvidia, etc.) while on the LiveCD (it just installs to RAM, use it to test). If that works, then when you install, you can reinstall...
  12. Re: Computer Usage In Movies... "NO-NO-NO!! ALL WRONG!!"

    I think David Caruso is worse than the technical inaccuracy. I've never seen someone more arrogant and annoying as his character. Not on TV, at least.

    CBS, however, is usually a bit better than...
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    Poll: Re: ThinkPad Owners Thread

    I'm really wanting an R61i, or if I can scrounge up the money, a T6* or such. I'm getting a laptop (definitely a ThinkPad) next year for high school. I will put Arch on it with my favourite things...
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    Re: What's your Login Screen?

    Wow...what's the SLiM theme? I've been using slim-theme-darch-minimalist (or something along those lines) but yours I like better.

    Also, any particular reason you used a German upload site?...
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    Re: iTunes Linux project

    Well, it's not the only way...
  16. Thread: Theme 'packs'

    by sajro

    Re: Theme 'packs'

    I don't know if it exists but I like the idea. You, of course, don't tie it to GNOME...I'd like a nice Openbox theme with a matching GTK theme and wallpaper (but Openbox has no icons/sounds).

  17. Re: Should people be getting so excited about this?

    Sort of like how Ubuntu technically belongs to Mark Shuttleworth, because he started it, but it practically belongs to every user and developer of it.
  18. Thread: ZDNet Shot Tux!

    by sajro

    Re: ZDNet Shot Tux!

    Okay, I'm not going to lecture you, just say that this wasn't worth a thread. Commentary/discussion on the article would be appropriate for the cafe, but a picture of a site that happened to use an...
  19. Re: In search of a presentation app lighter than Impress, to go with AbiWord/Gnumeric

    I like KOffice, but I'm using OpenBox with fbpanel and such. Most of it is GTK+ apps, but with as little Gnome DE dependecies as possible. I want as little attachment to a specific DE.

    I do,...
  20. In search of a presentation app lighter than Impress, to go with AbiWord/Gnumeric

    I'm setting up a light system and just started getting to the office software. I need a presentation application, but don't want to use the full 800-MB gorilla that is

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    Re: people giving it bad press

    Don't you love irony?

    Last two Netcraft scans, they were on a Linux server at Dreamhost.
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    Re: Does your country has free health services ?

    We should. I like socialised medicine but I also think private practise should be allowed, as Germany does. Canada has a good implementation of socialised medicine but because they can't pay to get...
  23. Surprisingly enough, there doesn't seem to be an OSS equivalent to Rosetta Stone.

    I've searched high and low, yet there doesn't seem to be any open-source software equivalent to the Rosetta Stone software. I find this surprising because of how successful and useful an app like...
  24. Re: Funniest questions posed by a newcomer to Linux from Windows

    'Cause Linux isn't supposed to suck! ;)
  25. Re: What Windows questions should a true Linux user ask?

    I have a similar issue. I know so much about Linux, BSD (and, in turn, OS X), but they think since I don't get Windows, I'm not technologically competent. It's frustrating but hilarious.

    "How do...
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