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    [xubuntu] Ignore suspend/resume errors on xubuntu

    xubuntu 12.04 on a laptop...

    When I suspend or resume, I see for about half a second a log of error messages (that are also written to syslog). I don't think the errors are serious, I would like...
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    [all variants] Getting Wine programs to work right in Docky

    Hi all,

    I am having problems getting Docky to handle Wine apps (Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint) correctly. I'm on xubuntu 11.10 but I suspect this would apply to all variants.

    It is...
  3. [ubuntu] Why is tar so slow at writing to a cifs share?

    This is on Ubuntu 10.04.

    I can write to my cifs share at 250 mbps with cp.

    I can tar over my nfs network at close to gigabit speed.

    But when I tar to my cifs share, I am only getting 70...
  4. [gnome] Re: Where do the menu items in Preferences come from?

    Fixed this myself. Apparently besides /usr/share/applications, there are also relevant files in:


    Once I got rid of those, the menu launches the gnome screensaver...
  5. [gnome] Where do the menu items in Preferences come from?

    When I choose System --> Preferences --> Screensaver, it runs x-screensaver instead of gnome-screensaver, BUT, in /usr/share/applications, I have the file:

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    [ubuntu] Re: Kill extra sessions

    Nope, that didn't work. It killed all the working sessions, but not the "ghost" sessions created by FreeNX. Any other ideas?
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    [ubuntu] Kill extra sessions

    The first two sessions are my gnome and my terminal. The last three are remote ones that somehow got stuck on when using FreeNX. How would I kill off the three remote sessions?

    16:45:27 up ...
  8. [ubuntu] Anyone using Ubuntu on a Lenovo Thinkstation S20?

    Anyone using Ubuntu on a Lenovo Thinkstation S20? If so, did everything work easily, or were there any issues? Thanks...
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