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    Re: Ohio Linux Fest 2012

    Shortly after last years OLF/UbuCon we (the LoCo leadership) had received contact from the OLF coordinators about doing another UbuCon, and also helping out with the advertising of OLF-2012. I had...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: After upgrade to Lucid, Evolution calendar issue...

    I am running Lucid, my Google Calendars are setup through my Evolution Calendar, & had a similar problem.

    I was entering a new event, with alarms, into the calendar, & when I went to save the new...
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    [all variants] Re: Open Source OrCAD and PCB prgrams?

    I had been running into the same problems. Having spent many years using OrCAD & Simulink, I found those the other programs (electric & Qucs) good for basic educational needs, but not for major...
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