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  1. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 12.04 - HP Pavillion dm4 - Incompatible as Dual Monitor - LT Screen Black

    NEED HELP TO: Get two monitors working with Ubuntu 12.04 and HP Pavilion dm4-1265dx

    External Monitor =hp w2338h is working at full screen (Maybe It's me just achieving by accident but I couldn't...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Dual boot problem with 4 partitions on HP Pavilion dm4

    Hi cybrsaylr,
    Did you ever get a solution to the laptop screen not running when you have the second monitor attached?
    I've been into the tools fuction but just can't get it to make the correct...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Sound is Linux's biggest problem

    Thank you Lisiano,
    GREAT SOLUTION! Your detailed and graphic explanation was the key to help me solve this.

    Today is my second day as a Linyx Ubuntu user (Migrating from Windows) and it only...
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