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    [server] Re: server 14.04.1 Noob

    Hi Alex,

    Usually to configure the wireless connection on a server, the easiest is to complete the info in /etc/network/interfaces

    auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback

    auto wlan0
    iface wlan0 inet...
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    Re: Multi SSL, Multi IP, single server

    Cannot agree more.

    Just use 2 virtualhosts, for the website A and another one for the website B. For each of them you can set up a different SSL certificates, website path, etc....

    You really...
  3. Re: Apache SSL web site shows home directory instead of web site

    Hi Argo,

    1) No issue if no .conf extension.
    All my virtualhost have a simple name like "Owncloud", "Freedif", "deluge" etc...

    2) I think the main issue is from your virtualhost.
    This is for...
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    Re: Question about vhost using a2ensite

    Hi dzulkifli,

    I'm running close to 40 services (Not all websites) and a2ensite is managing them without a hurdle.
    Some used a different domain name and most of them use a sub-domain.

    I think...
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    [server] Re: Help setting up virtual host

    And don't forget to restart apache afterwards
  6. Web apps for Personal finance management?

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a web application to manage my different banks accounts and follow my budget, etc... Like the service.

    So far I have only found the Open Bank Manager from the...
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    Re: New to Linux and web administration

    Hi Thomas,

    If you have installed Owncould on your server, you should be able to access it directly using its IP (If on your local network, something like 192.168.x.x/owncloud should work,...
  8. [server] Re: I need to open ports 554 and 8000 in my ubuntu 10.04 server.

    Hi Vineet3,

    On the Ubuntu Server, do you have iptables installed? Which firewall are you using on the server?
    I won't be surprised if you don't have any.... and if this is the case, your...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: eth0 is p135p1 does this effect connections? (also minecraft server help)

    Hi Michael577,

    Strange to have p135p1 instead of eth0 indeed. Especially your IP is
    What is the content of your /etc/network/interfaces?

    I've just installed Minecraft on my server...
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    Re: Reliable network file system

    How about using a Web interface like Pydio or Owncloud?
    Could set it up with SSL and should be easy to administrate.
  11. Postfix/Dovecot misconfiguration with domain name header?

    Hi guys,

    I'm using Postfix, Dovecot and Roundcube but I may have a configuration problem with Postfix and Dovecot because if I want to log to Roundcube I need to type the username directly and...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Lightweight cli torrent client

    If rtorrent is not good for you, I suggest to use aria2. It's my favorite download manager type in command line and can also do torrent with seed feature.

    Or may be you could use the old ctorrent...
  13. [server] Re: Setting up dedicated deluge torrent box - need help with proxy/VPN


    1) First, you tried to reboot?
    2) Then can you ping google?

    3) Can you copy the content of your /etc/network/interfaces, /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/environment?

  14. [server] Re: Setting up dedicated deluge torrent box - need help with proxy/VPN

    Glad to know it works.

    To see if it works, you will need to test your IP indeed, using command line you could do:

    wget -qO- ; echo
    and see if it has changed.

  15. [server] Re: Setting up dedicated deluge torrent box - need help with proxy/VPN

    Sorry Doony, I thought you were using a dedicated server hosted somewhere else.

    So, you need to download the conf files of PIA (Should be a zip file with City/Country.ovpn file.
    You need to...
  16. [server] Re: Setting up dedicated deluge torrent box - need help with proxy/VPN

    Hi Donny,

    If I understand correctly, installing Deluge torrent (Daemon + WebUI) is not the issue right? If it is, I suggest read my own tutorial if you need to. (I can explain more afterward of...
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    Re: Webmail selection - Any sharing?

    Yep, I'm afraid Rain Loop is not so popular (After Logic Lite, much more tho). But Roundcube remains the most popular.
    I guess I need to check these 3 more into details. But if any users of those 2...
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    Re: Webmail selection - Any sharing?

    SquirrelMail is indeed very robust but the design is very old....and it has been almost 1Y without news from official website. I would prefer something with a more recent design tho.

    Anyone tried...
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    Webmail selection - Any sharing?

    Hi guys,
    I'm checking a bit the Webmail to use and not sure which one will best suit my needs. I like simple design yet recent and do not need many features as I will be using it only as a Webmail...
  20. Re: Apache2 - change site to not recolve on


    It's a normal behaviour, you didn't do anything wrong.

    Not sure you should disable people used to visit this page, it might be frustrating for them not to find...
  21. Re: Failed to configure Procmail - Problem of permissions?

    Okay I fixed the issue.

    1) Align Dovecot and Postfix to use Maildir (I was using Maildir in Postix and Mbox in Dovecot), not sure if t has helped, but don't sounds consistent anyway
    2) In...
  22. Re: Failed to configure Procmail - Problem of permissions?

    Thanks SeijiSensei,

    However, removing the /etc/procmailrc and adding a /home/myuser/.procmailrc didn't solve the issue.....
    Any others idea?

    Thank you!
  23. Failed to configure Procmail - Problem of permissions?

    Hi everyone,

    I've recently installed Postfix + Dovecot + SpamAssassin + Procmail, however I cannot make procmail work as expected. (If I don't use it, everything work well), but I wish to use it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Web Based Remote Desktop Support Server

    Interesting post,

    But any alternatives that can be installed on our own server to control the desktop remotely but through the web browser?

    Thanks !
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    automount any USB key to fixed point

    Hi there,

    I'd like to automount any USB key to /media/usb
    Currently, the system automount the USB key by its label. For example /media/0987-2345
    Which is quite annoying in fact for me.

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