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    [all variants] Re: Asus UL30 anyone?

    If you have the synaptics drivers you can use
    synclient tapbutton2=2
    synclient tapbutton3=3 to fix the buttons. Also synclient -l lists a ton of settings you can change to suit your needs. It is...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Switch on/off nvidia card Asus UL30Vt, UL50V, UL80V laptops

    Nvidia card disabled- works great. I can get up to 8 hour battery life with Powertop.

    Now do I reenable the nvidia card?
    Ubuntu 11.04, when I switch the BIOS to "compatible" the screen just stays...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Switch on/off nvidia card Asus UL30Vt, UL50V, UL80V laptops

    I'm on 11.04, currently trying to disable the nvidia graphics card.
    I installed the .deb in the first post, and disabled the nvidia but "lspci |grep VGA" still shows both cards.

    However PowerTOP...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Thinking about Netbook install

    I recently installed desktop edition on my eeepc, and after about an hour of trying to get everything the right size (fonts, windows, task bars, spacing, etc) I just gave up and decided it'd make...
  5. Thread: errno 5

    by Gskellig

    [ubuntu] errno 5

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu Netbook Remix (10.10) on my Asus eeepc 1000HE. I'm installing it as a dual boot with Win7.

    Just after partitioning and formatting I get the error
    [Errno 5]...
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