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  1. Re: Howto Install 32 bit Firefox with Flash w/sound and Java for AMD64

    Well, ok... So I uninstalled firefox32, and then ran the automated
    script to reinstall, as you suggested. I now still have 64-bit firefox
    (, though) with the java plugin successfully...
  2. Re: 32 bit Firefox with Flash: Menu Mess!

    Ok, I will ignore the error... But, do you have any idea what to do about the Firefox File/File Open dialog box? It's still unreadable, being filled with empty boxes in place of characters. I've...
  3. Re: 32 bit Firefox with Flash: Menu Mess!

    I followed the manual instructions at the beginning of this thread. One difference, though: I created /opt/firefox for the installation, and the script you devised, firefox32, lives in /opt. BTW, it...
  4. Re: 32 bit Firefox with Flash: Menu Mess!

    Hi... Thank you for the good instructions on this topic. However, I
    found that after the install was finished, all of the toolbar menus and
    also the title bars of most GUI-based applications, e.g....
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