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  1. Battery backup with Ubuntu on 13" Macbook pro retina

    Hi friends,

    I got a 13 inch Macbook Pro retina. I personally like Ubuntu very much and want to install Ubuntu on Macbook pro.
    The thing I like most about macbook is its battery backup. I easily...
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    Xubuntu like mouse setting in Lubuntu

    Hi friends,

    This might look like a weird question but I really want this. I was a Xubuntu 12.04 user till 14.04 came out. I did a fresh install of Xubuntu 14.04 and found it heavy, slow, heating...
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    Re: Prohibit truecrypt from asking password

    I am using zenity to input password from user and then pass it to the command using a variable. Is this was also not secure?

    Yeah I tried, return code is returning 0 if correct password and 1 if...
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    Prohibit truecrypt from asking password

    Hi friends, I am writing a backup script which will ask password from user and then transfer it to truecrypt to mount the ecryption file volume. Problem is in case user entered wrong password...
  5. rsync not working with --include-from option.

    I am trying to add folder locations to a simple txt file so that rsync can create my backup. But when I am running --dry-run its not showing any file transfer.

    $ rsync -avrh --dry-run --progress...
  6. [xubuntu] Power Management and ScreenSaver power management.

    Hi friends, I am using xubuntu 12.04. I updated to XFCE4.10.
    Can anyone please tell me what is difference between power management (from settings manager) and power management from Screensaver...
  7. [SOLVED] How to sync Iphone 5 in virtualbox on Ubuntu 12.04

    Hi friends,

    In this tutorial I am going to tell you how to sync Iphone 5 in a virtualbox in Ubuntu 12.04. First let me clear few things. There are ways to sync Iphone 5 directly with Ubuntu, I am...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Google chrome not opening Bookmarks folder automatically.

    I am using Google-Chrome.

    Let me try to explain you my problem.

    I have different folders in my bookmarks toolbar. Each and every folder have some certain category of bookmarks.
    Now if I click...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Google chrome not opening Bookmarks folder automatically.

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    Re: Backdoor in Skype

    well in case of extreme requirement, I guess we can also use Google-Hangout as skype alternative.
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    Re: why is skype still available for Linux

    I personally don't think that Linux is still threat to Microsoft (people please don't get me wrong I have Ubuntu as my primary OS, I am hardcore linux fan and I use windows only for syncing music to...
  12. [ubuntu] Google chrome not opening Bookmarks folder automatically.

    Hi friends,

    This might seems a small problem, but is slightly annoying sometimes. I have folders in bookmarks toolbar. When I click on one folder its lists opens, but when I move pointer to other...
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    Re: why is skype still available for Linux

    No no guys, you got my questions wrong. Skype is nice simple great and it really deserves recognition. Even if people in Linux are using it, it must be less than 1% of total skype users right. Why...
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    why is skype still available for Linux

    Hi friends,
    This question might sound little weird, but why is skype still available for Linux? Microsoft bought skype two years ago. As far as I can recall MS never did anything for open source...
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    Re: The "Corrupt a wish" game

    Look again your friends are already enjoying Wawa Sandwitch in Toms River, New Jersey while you are posting posts.
    I wish someone gives me a 25 inch System 76 all-in-one Desktop :) as a gift
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    [ubuntu] Re: LXDE desktop environment please come in

    are you able to see anything on login screen? I mean try to choose between installed desktop environments. Are you able to see LXDE there?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Help need with installation!

    there are some quick fixes:

    Try running:

    above will refresh your repository list.

    If still you are facing this issue, you can remove the lock on that file by following command:
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to convert video to MKV

    I heard that ffmpeg is fastest. Also I never faced an issue in converting avi or flv to mp4. I...
  19. Re: Problem in dual booting (Windows asking for Windows)

    Thanks for the wonderful link :) gave answers to lot of my questions.

    Yeah I also thought that :P Installing XP will waste another 1 hr of my life. And all I have to do is sync music in...
  20. Re: Problem in dual booting (Windows asking for Windows)

    Thanks for replying, I figured that I have to install Windows to sda1 :( That crap required more than 12GB for installation. And after that much no sound driver, graphics driver, LAN driver or wifi...
  21. Problem in dual booting (Windows asking for Windows)

    Hi friends,

    I purchased Iphone5 and thanks to apple I have to dual boot my system. I have 5 partitions in my system. The smallest partition which I don't use is of 5GB (I keep it for testing other...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: How to create logs for video files playback?

    Okay I figured out a simple way but it solves only first half of the problem.
    I can edit /usr/bin/vlc file and add a line that adds timestamp to a particular file. This way I'll be able to get when...
  23. [ubuntu] How to create logs for video files playback?

    Hi friends,Is there any way by which I can create a script which will log the opening and closing time of any video file on my machine?For example lets say I have a 2 hr long video. Somebody started...
  24. Any place for sharing KDE desktop configurations?

    Hi friends,

    KDE is highly configurable. So is there any place where others can share their configuration details and get ideas on how to customize KDE better.
    Conky is also highly configuration...
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    [kubuntu] Re: KDE 4.10 in Kubuntu 12.04

    I installed KDE 4.10 and man its a charm. Though I heard pretty good reviews of Ubuntu 13.04 from "The Linux action show", but still I am thinking of delaying installing Ubuntu 13.04 just because...
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