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    Re: Best Vector 3D Game?

    There are some Arcade 3D Vector Games that you could play with MAME like Tempest, Battlezone or the Star Wars Arcade Game

    And the only Linux native Game that I know that would come close to a 3D...
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    Re: Wii U Pro Controller

    They got it working on Windows and Mac first because they used some kind of hacked up method of emulating keyboard keys with the Gamepad so it isn't fully supported AFAIK.

    I did some research on...
  3. Re: Trying to get Thief 3: Deadly Shadows to work

    And it's even supoorted by PlayOnLinux so it should just work fine with WINE. The WINE APPDB is fine and everything but sometimes the ratings are a little bit of. You shouldn't only trust the Ratings...
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    Re: San Andreas crashing in Wine

    Try running it with the PlayOnLinux Script. Maybe GTA:SA just doesn't work with the newest Wine Version.

    At least when a Game is supported by PlayOnLinux you know that it will work for the most...
  5. Re: New to Ubuntu Need Help Stronghold Kingdoms Please

    You need to install WINE on Ubuntu to play Windows Games. In this case it's Stronghold Kingdoms. Then you look on the winehq how well it runs on WINE.

    I just did this for you with the magical...
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    Re: Can i run StarCraft with wine?

    All of those Games worked fine the last time I tested them with WINE/Crossover. Blizzard Games in general work just fine under WINE.
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    Re: Is it possible to play PS3 on linux?

    For the 8567378763th time. It's NOT possible to play or emulate PS3 Games in playable form on any OS yet and probably not in the next few Years.
  8. Re: The best / most advanced Amiga Commodore Emulator for Ubuntu?

    This almost feels like a Deja-Vu ;)

    fs-uae is the best Amiga Emulator for Linux right now. It's based on the WinUAE Emulator and get's updated very often.

    btw, didn't you ask the same Question...
  9. Re: Next dreamfall coming to linux if you help fund it on kickstarter

    Only 45k away now. I already pledged for it when they started the Kickstarter because they wanted to do a Linux Version from the start because it uses the Unity Engine. They only need the additional...
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    Re: best NES emulator

    FCEUX is probably one of the best NES Emulator's out there. And yes, it does support Savestates. But most Emulator's have this Feature.
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    Re: Urban Terror installation on Linux

    If you are using Ubuntu then there is an "easier" way to install Urban Terror. Just get it from Playdeb.
  12. Re: Alien Arena: Mercury Edition released!

    You Guys have outdone yourself again. Looking forward to playing this new Release and keep up the superb Work.
  13. Re: Akaneiro added Linuxport in targets!

    They added a Linux Version a couple Days ago and we will get it even if this Kickstarter doesn't hit it's funding goal. It wil just take a lot longer then.

    PS: Akaneiro is already live on Windows...
  14. Re: I miss my games after a full switch to Ubuntu. Any Ideas?

    No Problem.

    The RPG's I would recommend are Sacred Gold, Bastion, Dungeons of Dredmor, Legends of Grimrock, Eschalon Book 1 & 2 and FLARE.

    But there are probably a couple more out that there...
  15. Re: I miss my games after a full switch to Ubuntu. Any Ideas?

    Here is a nice List of native RPG's
  16. Re: I miss my games after a full switch to Ubuntu. Any Ideas?

    What kind of Genre(s) do you prefer?
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    Re: Team Fortress 2 problem

    AMD dropped the Support for your Graphics Card about 3 Years ago now. The GPU itself is over 7 Years old. So yeah, it's old. I would even say it's ancient by now.
  18. Re: I miss my games after a full switch to Ubuntu. Any Ideas?

    A VM is a reallly bad Idea if you want to play Games with it. Even the most basic 3D Games don't run at a playable Framerate with a VM.

    If you want to play some Games under Linux then you will...
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    Re: Blizzard Announces Linux Game

    The Title of this Thread is kinda missleading. Blizzard didn't announce anything yet so no need to flip out just yet ;).
  20. Re: is there any gaming cd or dvd available for ubuntu.

    Some Linux Games also have a physical Retail Release. Even tough there aren't that many tbh. Here are some of them.

    Oil Rush
    Tiny & Big in: Grandpa's Leftovers
    Tribal Trouble

    Doom 1-3 (BFG),...
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    Re: Port of Halflife 1 on N64 Nintendo?


    1. Sure you could develope Games for the N64
    2. The N64 doesn't have the Power for Half Life tough
    3. What in the blue Hell does this have to do with Gaming on Linux?
  22. Re: What native linux games are you playing currently?

    Killing Floor
    Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45
    Nikki and the Robots
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    Re: Amiga CD32 for Ubuntu ?

    No Problem ;)

    Well I don't think there are too many UAE Versions. UAE and E-UAE ar dead anyways so there are only 2 UAE Version for Linux out there that are still alive and well. PUAE and FS-UAE
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    Re: LoL - Will it run smothly?

    Well it's because LoL isn't a Linux native Game.

    You could try to get it to work with Wine or you could play a Linux Native alternative like Heroes of Newerth.
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    Re: Amiga CD32 for Ubuntu ?

    You need to add the PPA and then you can install it via apt-get. Which only takes 3 Terminal Commands.

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:fengestad/stable
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install...
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