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  1. [ubuntu] Is it possible to create Hotspot (Infrastructure) from wireless?

    I have 2 wireless cards, internal & usb wifi. I am connected to the internet with my USB Wifi which means that my internal wifi is idle all the time. I want to hook up my ps3 to the net as well, but...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu can't connect to wireless network while windows can?

    I am 1000% sure the key is correct, when you watch wicd closely it actually passes the point of authentication. I suppose I could try to turn off the encryption temporary to see what it does.
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu can't connect to wireless network while windows can?

    Thanks for your reply, they are distinctly different routers and connections.
  4. [ubuntu] Ubuntu can't connect to wireless network while windows can?

    OSes Ubuntu 10.10 & Win7

    I have 2 wireless networks in my surroundings that I have access to, they are wpa encrypted, I have the keys for both. Both are the same ISP however different Access...
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    [ubuntu] Home wireless network, bad password?!!!

    I am trying to connect to my network, it is WPA PSK , I know the password is correct yet ubuntu keeps asking for the password over and over again. I tried to download WICD manager, Wicd returns the...
  6. [ubuntu] Ubuntu vs Windows 7 torrenting and Networking altogether

    Hi, first of all about me:
    I am fairly new to Linux. I have been using Windows since I was a kid, not because of preference, but it was always present on the machine, so I am pretty used to Windows...
  7. [ubuntu] How to put Volume Control back to the top right corner?

    Hi, I don't want to be wasting threads so I will ask 2 questions in one go. I was tempering with Software Center and Synaptics Package Manager beacuse everytime I went on youtube and listened to...
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    Re: Does Linux have a registry?

    Absolutely agree, I am new to linux as well, my 1st day using Ubuntu 12.04 , have been using back track 5 for the past few weeks as well. and it is a lot to cram in the head! I have been using...
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