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    [kubuntu] Unable to print using Canon drivers to MP600

    I've tried to get the Canon MP600 driver to work as described at on Kubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid), but without success so far.
  2. [ubuntu] How do I configure a no-modules kernel build for a particular machine?

    H/W: Dell Dimension M233 (233MHz P-MMX, 128MB, 6GB HD)

    I'm running Ubuntu Hardy 8.04-1 Server, to which I've added LXDE (from external repos) and SLiM -- I'm trying to make this as lightweight as...
  3. [ubuntu] How do I get RT2500 to connect automatically to WPA-PSK at boot

    H/W: Dell Latitude M233 (233MHz P-MMX, 128MB) with Comtrend RT2500 PCMCIA and no wired network card
    OS: Ubuntu 8.04-1 Server (plus LXDE & SLiM, but problem existed before they were installed)
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    [all variants] Re: Can virtualbox emulate CPU speed?

    Did you find a way to do this?

    I'm in a similar situation, with a Latitude M233 (233 P-MMX, 128MB, 800x600). I tried opengeu/geubuntu -- the 7.10 version installed OK but was sluggish (might...
  5. [ubuntu] Configuring Hardy Wifi to prefer a particular BSSID

    Have a Lenovo Thinkpad z60m with Intel 2915 802.11 a/b/g, with Hardy Heron 8.04 installed. Wifi works fine using Network Manager (0.6.6)

    My home wifi has 3 APs all on the same (non-hidden) SSID
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