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    Poll: Re: How to: Broadcom Wireless cards

    So, it kind of works for me. I can connect and use the internet at first (edgy eft, same card as you) but the connection zonks out every 2 minutes or so. Sometimes for 10 seconds, sometimes for 10...
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    Re: Turn off (mute) system beep

    Many thanks! works like a charm.
  3. Re: cherrypy / python / socket problems on Hoary

    Just thought I'd post that I fixed the problem... Somehow, I had disabled the initial setup of the loopback device. Thus, pinging was not working. I had to go into /etc/network/interfaces...
  4. cherrypy / python / socket problems on Hoary

    Yesterday, I was running the cherrypy ( tutorials on my ext3 partition without any problems. It would run on my root drive, but not on my FAT drive. On the advice of someone...
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