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  1. [ubuntu] HP Mini 311 will not recognize bootable USB key

    I have an HP mini 311 that has recently undergone a factory restore (to Windows 7) from the recovery partition. I previously had a dual-boot setup of Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows 8 RP (eek!).

  2. [ubuntu] Re: Thoughts on this possible dual boot setup?

    Thanks for the input. I have decided as an alternative option to run Ubuntu through a virtual machine and mount files from my Windows drive as needed, using the shared folders option that is included...
  3. [ubuntu] Thoughts on this possible dual boot setup?

    Hello all,

    I would like to run Ubuntu 12.04 alongside my current installation of Windows 7, however I am having some trouble with deciding on how I would like to configure it. Since the bulk of my...
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