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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to login to 10.04 RC

    These are just basic, clean installs. No other software except what comes with the OS.
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    [ubuntu] Unable to login to 10.04 RC

    I've tried to test 10.04. One, by upgrading a working KK installation. The other, was a fresh install. Both were as VMWare virtual machines.

    Both installs had the same problem. The install/upgrade...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: How to access a wireless network printer ?

    Already tried that. It couldn't find the printer.
  4. [ubuntu] How to access a wireless network printer ?

    I have an HP 7410 that is wirelessly connected to my router.

    I've installed Ubuntu 9.10 as a virtual machine inside VM Player.

    Net access works well, but I can't figure how to find the printer....
  5. Re: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

    I'm trying to
    create a live USB using UNetbootin and a 64bit version of Jaunty. The creation goes fine. But when I boot, I get:

    loading /ubnkern
    loading /ubninit
    initrd extends beyond the end...
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