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    Re: OpenJDK or official oracle java?

    Feel free to use either. I prefer the openjdk, it lags slightly in development behind the official, but it's in the main repository and gets updated with the rest of your system. Oracle's packaging...
  2. [xubuntu] Re: Samsung Laptop - Sound and Power Issues

    The high power usage will be the hybrid graphics - your dedicated AMD card will be using full power while the system is using the integrated Intel graphics for the display.

    If you don't object to...
  3. Re: ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330 on Dell Inspiron 1750 - VGA to YPbPr

    You just need a converter for whatever port is available on your TV that you wish to use - eg. a VGA to HDMI converter. Look for a fairly cheap one, digital cables are often sold for many times their...
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    Re: System beep for gazp9

    I'm not sure if the beeper is added to many modern laptops. If it is, it will be a seperate tiny speaker attached to the motherboard. You can check your BIOS settings when you first turn on your...
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