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  1. Re: Hassle free mac-like-dock (not kiba or kxdocker)

    Here's another variation (As you can see I've got mine on the left and included the notification area, home folder, and trash bin in addition to launcher icons)
  2. Re: Hassle free mac-like-dock (not kiba or kxdocker)

    Another thing I found is that I need to make sure "keep aligned" is unchecked (right-click on your desktop to change this setting). When it's checked and I reboot, the dock automatically starts up...
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    Poll: Re: HOWTO: Broadcom 4318 Wireless Cards

    I've finally found a tutorial that actually worked for me. Ironically this was the simplest out of all the other ones that failed for me. Thanks!

    Wireless Adapter: Linksys WPC54G V2.0
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