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    [SOLVED] Re: Only empty desktop shows on projector

    Thanks for the reply. Finally I got a chance to try your suggestion while the classroom was empty.
    While going through the options in display settings, I realize that Ubuntu was considering the...
  2. Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as a graphics tablet for Ubuntu

    You'll have to do quite a bit of programming on both the handheld device as well as the computer. And as you've guessed already, this is different from the web development platform. But the previous...
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    [SOLVED] Only empty desktop shows on projector

    I'm not sure if its a hardware issue, but this section of the forum seemed the most appropriate place to post this.
    I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 in a Dell Inspiron N4110 laptop. For some reason...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: No Wireless Ubuntu 12.04 Dell Inspiron 6400

    I have the same machine and faced the same problem.
    rfkill list all showed hard blocked: Yes.
    I pressed Fn+F2 once, the small LED in the front that indicates wifi status blinked once.
    I pressed...
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