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    [ubuntu] Re: Install Ubuntu without CD drive

    Ah, poop!

    I found a USB stick in a drawer (turns out I did pack it!) but... I'm in a hotel pending finding permanent accommodation. The internet here is "connect to our unsecured network" and then...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Install Ubuntu without CD drive

    Thanks, but unfortunately I no longer possess a working version of Ubuntu. Or any distro :) All of this typing is coming from my girlfriend's Vista (ergh) laptop.

    It seems good, except that it...
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    [ubuntu] Install Ubuntu without CD drive

    I had an Ubuntu installation on an external USB hard drive (internal hard drives kept dying due to rough transport), which I managed to screw up (long story).

    Unfortunately, the laptop's CD drive...
  4. [ubuntu] [solved] Alsa stopped working after install of VirtualBox (and after uninstall)

    I installed VirtualBox, audio kept working. I then shut down for the night (planning to test VB the next day, i.e. now) and my audio does not work anymore.

    I've tried reloading and reinstalling...
  5. [other] Re: Fluxbox (Ubuntu Studio): screen keeps going to "sleep" despite my settings

    Thanks for the replies.

    I think Gnome's power settings started to run after I ran the "Appearance" settings to change the colour of the windows (not the borders etc, but the background of...
  6. [other] [SOLVED] Fluxbox: screen keeps going to "sleep" despite my settings

    Hi all,

    In gnome-power-preferences I've got it set that the screen should never, ever turn itself off/go to sleep after a certain amount of time. However, in Fluxbox it still does it.

  7. [all variants] Re: Studio: getting virtual keyboard to work with Ardour and others

    Ahh, I'm so stupid - I just had Patchage open yesterday and completely missed the point :|

    I'm currently using the girlfriend's annoying Vista laptop at work, but I'll be sure to give that a try...
  8. [all variants] Studio: getting virtual keyboard to work with Ardour and others

    Hi again,

    I'm trying to get vkeybd hooked up so that, when I press a key, it will play in Ardour or another audio production application. In Ardour's manual, the MIDI keyboard section states that...
  9. [all variants] Re: What would you recommend for these "needs"? (Audio)


    thanks for all your replies, they've been very helpful! I've been running Ubuntu Studio and apart from liking it, the whole default "made to work with audio"-thing seems to help quite a bit!
  10. [all variants] Re: What would you recommend for these "needs"? (Audio)

    When I first came across it, I made a note of it, but I haven't tried it out so far. I assume Ubuntu Studio already includes a load of libraries/settings?
  11. [all variants] What would you recommend for these "needs"? (Audio)

    Switching to Linux completely is dependent on one thing, and that's music production software. I don't even need something big! ;)

    Basically, I was wondering what the recommendations here would be...
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    [kubuntu] Standard desktop shows whilst Fluxbox loads


    I'm running Kubuntu 7.04 with Fluxbox. Between the login screen (after I press Enter, if you will) and the loading of Fluxbox, I see the standard Kubuntu desktop background.

    In System...
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    [other] Getting Beast to play along


    I've been through the entire application a few times, but I simply cannot find what I'm looking for.

    I've followed the documentation on Beast's website to create my first synth. It mentions...
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    [kubuntu] Accessing N95 from Kubuntu 7.04

    A colleague of mine has got a Nokia N95 from which he'd like to get a few pictures tonight to e-mail to another colleague, so he can then send them on to his girlfriend far, far away (playing the...
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