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  1. Re: Request LoCo Forum for

    Thanks you very much Joeb454 :)

    Okay, I'll contact djahlil or someone else in the community to be a second moderator :)

    Salutations amicales
  2. Re: Request LoCo Forum for

    sudo apt-get update

    Up !
  3. Re: Request LoCo Forum for

    Still waiting since the year 2008 :popcorn:
    Up !
  4. Poll: Re: What is your age and what do you use ubuntu for?

    I'm 28 years old, I'm using Ubuntu for everything except for Video and pictures (After Effects and Photoshop)
  5. Request LoCo Forum for


    We would like to get listed and open a LoCo forum for the Algerian Loco Team.

    1. We are listed in :
    2. The LoCo wiki available on :...
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