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  1. Re: possible to install program without root access

    You can install a program in your home directory - you need not do it as root. You could also create a so called chroot environment, just for a specific program.
  2. Thread: Cloning SSDs

    by HermanAB

    Re: Cloning SSDs

    There are umpteen ways to copy a device. Data Definition has probably the most confusing syntax, while cat is probably the simplest.

    Pick your poison:
    # dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb
    # cat...
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    [xubuntu] Re: replacing a file with a copy

    Honestly, I cannot comprehend what exactly you want to do, but do read 'man cp', since it has several advanced features that were added relatively recently, in the last 20 odd years, which may be...
  4. Re: How to emulate a file, that shows contents that are result of a script.

    Hmm, I think what you need is a FIFO. It is a file system buffer that allows different processes to communicate.

    man mkfifo:

    mkfifo() makes a FIFO special file with name pathname. mode...
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    Re: Cannot Delete a user

    Copy and paste the command and response that you ran, else we cannot comment on what went wrong.
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    Re: How to dual boot Windows on Ubuntu?

    Make a virtual machine, then you can run Windows in a window.
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    Re: Headphone Whistle Noise

    Open PAVUControl and turn ALL the inputs down till the feedback stops, then you know which one it is.
  8. Re: How to print message it failed then go on in bash?

    "No surprises. No Wayland. No Unity. No netplan. No Snapd. I miss releases that were stable, without surprises and without foolish changes." - I'm sorry to say, but if you want stability, then you...
  9. Re: How to print message it failed then go on in bash?

    You can use Zenity to make pretty scripts.
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    [kubuntu] Re: x11vnc fails from autoexec

    You can try to put a "sleep 10;" in front of it, to allow the network dust to settle before it tries to start.
  11. Re: Ubuntu 19.04 - Remote Desktop via VNC or RDP help

    Well, you have to build the tower of Piza up from the bottom - you cannot start in the middle or at the top...

    Check that Xorg is running - if you have Wayland then draft a nice message to the...
  12. [xubuntu] Re: [tcpdump] how to find which PID sent a UDP datagram

    Well, its been more than 10 years - so you got to read the sg man page and try it. The hard part is getting the iptables rules to work.
  13. Re: Crash resizing Ubuntu partition with GParted; advice?

    Err... you are trying to change the disk of a running system? That will only end in tears.

    To change the main disk on a machine, you need to boot off something else, such as an install CD/USB...
  14. [xubuntu] Re: [tcpdump] how to find which PID sent a UDP datagram

    I have done something like that in the past with the help of iptables.

    You can launch a process with a different GID using sg. Iptables can do filtering of packets on the GID. So you can then...
  15. [xubuntu] Re: distinguishing interactive bash from script bash in ps

    You could use a different Group ID using the program 'sg' to launch the script. Then you can manage the programs based on their group IDs
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    Re: Gnucash and Autokey

    As far as I can figure, a flatpak is similar to BSD Jails.

    It makes things easier and less risky for the system administrator, by increasing the isolation between applications, which has merit on...
  17. Re: HELP PLEASE - Cannot get 'startx' to work on ubuntu on UserLAnd app for android

    Are you sure your version of Ubuntu has Xorg installed? Older versions used Wayland.
  18. [xubuntu] Re: How to make computer's ethernet interface static

    You want to know the easy way?
    Leave your computer settings alone - it works - don't change anything.
    Use your web browser to go to your router configuration page.
    Find the MAC address of your...
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    Re: /dev/sda2/ is 100% full (root)

    The destination directory ~/Servers/ is the problem and it is in the home directory of either the 1d10t admin who executed the command "/home/1d10t/Servers", or in "/root/Servers" - it is NOT...
  20. Re: Files from different sources how to structure them

    There are various Document Management solutions available, for example KnowledgeTree and OpenDocMan. Some googling will find you the gory details.
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    [all variants] Re: When is a hard drive unmounted?

    The mount -I command will tell you what is mounted.
  22. [server] Re: Looking for a program to copy the system

    Hmm, some suggestions:
    Copying over ethernet may be much easier and faster than over removable media.
    It is usually better to save the list of packages and then reinstall from scratch on the new...
  23. [gnome] Re: Set environmental variable before logging.

    If all else fails, put the export statements in rc.local
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    [xubuntu] Re: Prevent sleeping

    When all else fails:
  25. Re: Use NAS media server as home directory in home

    OK, well, you say this is a home system. So assuming that you can conk whoever abuses the system upside the head with a wet noodle, then you can cut as many security corners are you like to. At...
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