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    [ubuntu] Re: Buying Computer parts

    Whenever there are major savings you have to ask why. Are the parts knock offs? Are they ones that didn't make the cut for their intended purpose and these guys somehow got them? All kinds of...
  2. [legacy Windows] Re: Windows XP CD image file. How can I make this a bootable USB drive?

    Not sure it's possible. An ISO needs to be built a certain way for usb to work. At the time that just wasn't a common thing, especially for Windows.

    This may...
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    OPNSense Policy based WAN

    I'm taking... I believe TheFu's advice and doing an OPNSense instead of rolling my own via iptables. My testing is going well. I'm almost ready to move it to primary routing on my lan. I have 2 wan...
  4. Re: Ways Ubuntu isn't made to be accessible

    Just because something is different doesn't mean it's inferior. In some cases what you are talking about isn't Linux's fault at all, rather hardware providers who don't provide drivers. You also have...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Will the icon gridlock on desktop be ever fixed or should I lose hope ?

    I think there may be a few, but they won't declare themselves. Who can blame them though. If people know who you are when you have some level of power over something all of the sudden you develop...
  6. Re: Linux novice looking for early KVM/Linux help.

    Not really. Just more stuff running that can theoretically break and destabilize the system. Is on reason why servers typically don't have a DE installed.

    [/COLOR]Based on the rest of your...
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    Re: Eye pain using Ubuntu

    Maybe just the color tone? I know for me the default Ubuntu colors, the orangish / brown in particular is harsh for my eyes. I don't really know why but I typically come up with grey / bluish themes.
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    Re: GPU Passthrough Need Help

    The above is what I followed and got gpu passthrough working. It's a bit in depth and explains a bunch. Ultimately it's...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: net use Z: \\vboxsvr\vb-share; System error 53 network path not found

    I don't fully understand what you are doing as I prefer KVM. Maybe just switch the network to bridged mode inside Virtualbox then create a regular samba share and map it like that? Then for all...
  10. Re: [Kubuntu] ZFS support in installer?

    Can you not just do a net install then on first boot
    sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop
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    Re: PCI Passthrough Success!

    Yes i am mystified still. I didn't figure it out myself and am clueless on how it all works. I googled. But it works and it's a simple process assuming you have the hardware.
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    PCI Passthrough Success!

    Yesterday I found out my current cpu / mobo could support iommu. As such I achieved a goal I've wanted awhile now. How to run my Windows games easily while still being able to run Linux without dual...
  13. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Ubuntu Server 20.04 does not launch minidlna server since upgrade to 20.04

    Please post
    systemctl status minidlna

    I know nothing of Ubuntu Studio but this thread reminded me that I hadn't reinstalled it on my server when I did a fresh install to 20.04. I followed the...
  14. Re: Which pastebin service do you use the most & why ?

    paste.ubuntu for damn near everything. just habit. don't have a specific reason.

    True but then you might get less hits due to people from a Windows background who have lived their whole life...
  15. Re: setting up a computer network in an stangely wired office

    There are standards you should follow to help out people in the future working on the line. That being said as long as both ends are the same then it will work.
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to login after a username change

    Seems like an awful complicated process. Why didn't you just add a new user with proper groups, chown -R and rename the entire /home /"$USER" dir and move on with life? Are you trying to save the uid...
  17. Re: wifi not working, no lan cable, here's wireless-info completed script

    Is it a laptop with a hardware wifi on off switch? Could be that simple?
  18. [server] Re: Zero clients - Ubuntu Virtual on Enterprise Linux

    I've been messing about with Steam's remote play. I was getting 50fps in World of Warcraft on my living room tv over a regular cat5e network at gigabit. But the client certainly isn't a zero client,...
  19. [SOLVED] Re: Docker snap failing to use my dns?

    I've been trying to clean up the host system as much as possible. OCD thing. Moving everything not in ubuntu repositories I can to docker or snaps and eliminating ppas and external repos from the...
  20. [SOLVED] Docker snap failing to use my dns?

    Topic says it all. When I use the apt based Docker I can edit the daemon.json to include my Dnsmasq and all is well in the world. However when using the Snapd version I'm not sure how to do it. I...
  21. Re: Is there a good guide how to setup Ubuntu VMs that utilize an LDAP server for log

    I was referring to network bridging. Then the vms are viewed as just another machine on the lan. At that point configuration is no different than anything else.
  22. Re: Is there a good guide how to setup Ubuntu VMs that utilize an LDAP server for log

    I am far from experienced but wouldn't bridging the vms so they exist on the physical lan be the quick answer here? Then they are no different than any other machine on the lan?
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Connecting 2 Ubuntu servers to each other

    Beowulf clustering is what you should look for. Depending on your load it may or may not be worth the effort.

    One of those "sounds like a good idea".
    But in practice more trouble than necessary...
  24. Re: Opinions about Partitioning Options

    One thing I didn't think to mention is for installations / upgrades themselves. At the moment I have a 250gb ssd in my desktop. I keep 175gb for my data, 2gb for swap, and 30g for root. I've...
  25. Why do you, or people keep pictures?

    Wide open question. I am not a picture person, nor are any of my family. It just was never a thing for us. However I see the occasional thread about backups, most containing something about a vast...
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