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    Re: Lost graphical login/desktop

    If you boot an older kernel does it boot OK?
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    Re: Most lightweight desktop?

    The lightest desktop will be not a desktop environment but just use a tiling window manager on its own like Fluxbox, Openbox, FLWM or similar.
  3. [SOLVED] Re: "[Errno 5] Input/output error" during installation

    Please mark as solved if the issue is gone
  4. Re: Script does not run after returning from sleep state

    Has a solution
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Matlab 2020b doesn0t run after installing on Ubuntu 20.14 LTS

    If you use:

    sudo chown $USER -R ~/.matlab

    It will save the user confusion. BASH variables are your friends
  6. Re: Ubuntu 20.04 touchpad not working on Lenovo Thinkbook?

    What model Thinkpad do you have, please?
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Passthrough audio doesn't work unless pavucontrol is open

    Please remember to mark as solved
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    [ubuntu] Re: Change xkill cursor

    Another way of looking at this is, why do you care what it looks like? Are you using xkill regularly enough to want to change its appearance? If so, you should probably sort that instead
  9. [ubuntu] Re: autoinstall not running late_command curl on /target

    Just reviewing your script. It looks fine. You missed a leading slash on the first wget command but it's all grabbing from the Web which is fine
  10. [ubuntu] Re: autoinstall not running late_command curl on /target

    Could use a preseed file to configure systems or have the files accessible on a local file server or available via http on the Web. You can then wget from that when they are out and about.
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Access to HDDs in a server if the OS HDD is replaced with a later OS install ?

    If they are Linux file systems then yes absolutely. Personally I'd unplug your backup drives (while the system is off) so that you reduce risk to your backup data. You can connect it later (with the...
  12. Re: Which log to see what's causing my hard drive to "grind away"


    dmesg | tail

    and it may give clues
  13. [ubuntu] Re: A incorrect resolution 1368x768 in 19.5 inch display

    Yep, not an issue at all.It's half a millimetre in width. Why post a question for all?
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    Re: Recover deleted files EXT4

    Remember. a 1Tb disk is dirt cheap and would enable you to recover data easily and quickly. Even a manual copy and paste every now and then is enough
  15. [ubuntu] Re: A incorrect resolution 1368x768 in 19.5 inch display

    Wait are you quibbling 2 pixels here?
  16. [ubuntu] Re: A incorrect resolution 1368x768 in 19.5 inch display

    What is the output of:

    sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a; uname -a; xrandr
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    Re: Recover deleted files EXT4

    Why do you not have backups? What if the IDE on your drive fails? Where is your data then?
  18. Re: Brand spanking newbie to linux! Question about a USB network adapter.

    Considering how cheap USB wifi is, I'd just find one that works out of the box with no muss or fuss
  19. [SOLVED] Re: Slow boot after upgrading from 18.04.5 to 20.04.2..

    If you run:

    dmesg -T > /tmp/boot.txt; gedit /tmp/boot.txt

    You can see the boot, look for large gaps in time and this will help identify the slowness
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    Re: duplicated screen entries

    or use something like imageshack to host the image for you and post a URL
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Gnome permission to delete my files?

    Is this a Gnome application for managing files in your Google Drive? If so then yes it will need that access if you want to be able to delete as well as add files....
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to fix, reinstall, or remove package.

    What is the output of:

    apt-cache policy ekiga libpt2.10.11

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    [SOLVED] Re: Updating friendly recovery

    If you use the terminal, is it OK. Rules out the GUI having a bad time
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    [ubuntu] Re: Lutris, dependences not satisfied

    Looks like you didn't import the key as per the guide linked earlier (

    wget -nc...
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    Re: out of control curser

    Does the system have a make and model?
    Does the mouse have a make and model?
    How does the mouse connect to the system?
    Do you have the latest BIOS?
    Is the Ubuntu OS fully updated?
    If it is a USB...
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