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  1. [ubuntu] Re: ATI ccc dual monitor primary display change

    I also am having that issue. Mine is a bit different. Did you know you cannot use LeftOf with the 5770 and the driver that comes with 10.04? I know its not working here. I had to switch my monitor...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ATI graphics tearing

    I also having these issues I am using a 5770. The only good new I have to shed on this right now is that it has been happening for a long time with ATI's driver but I did notice in the April release...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10 and AMD restricted drivers

    If you have more then one monitor plugged in try turning one off i know i had some issues with getting multi-monitor support and the AMD restricted driver. Otherwise if you could give us some more...
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    [ubuntu] Re: MBP 5,5 No Sound with 9.10

    I followed your guide and it does not seem to solve the problems. Now I do not even see any hardware listed in the sound preferences.
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    [ubuntu] MBP 5,5 No Sound with 9.10

    So I have tried the fix listed in the wiki (whoever made it just copy and pasted from the 9.04 article). This did manage to get the red showing out of my audio jack but nothing more. I got no audio....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Removing Ubuntu - help!!

    Grub ran off the partition that ubuntu was installed on that is why your getting the error. What you need to do is reinstall the windows vista bootloader. I dont know if there is any way to do this...
  7. [all variants] Made some really stupid GPG mistakes

    Ok so about 2 years ago I made about 2 big mistakes in a row followed by something going wrong I think about a year later that I still don't understand.

    Basically do to many stupid reasons I have...
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    Re: Mono repository?

    I'm surprised Novells Build Services have yet to be brought up. They don't yet have 7.10 but I'm guessing will soon but if you search for mono they got all the latest in a repo for Ubuntu 7.04. Link:...
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    Re: Automatic Installation of Xgl and Compiz

    Ive been trying everything under the sun to get the fancy effects to work... But every time i think im close or use one of the fixes i just lose borders to all my windows and still can move is there...
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