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  1. Re: Is your Hardware getting too old for the latest version of your favourite Distro

    Lets see, I have an HP desktop with nVidia 7100 video. I'd say 4 to 5 years old. I tried the Open SUSE sample ISO with Gnome3 from the site and the video tore up as it was loading,...
  2. Poll: Re: Would you swap to haiku if the final release were tomorrow?

    I've tried twice and can't seem to get an ISO burned to CD to even try it!
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    Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3:

    Sorta looks like Win 3.1 or Win NT! Hope they spruce it up!
  4. Re: How can I fix this frustrating compiz bug?

    As far as I know Compiz will not work on any new Debian based version including 11.04 and Mint. I don't know if it could be a kernel issue or what, but I could get anything to speak of with Mint 11....
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    Re: Ultimate Edition?

    The creators girlfriend of 11 years passed away recently and although he claimed to be O.K. I think he is having delayed grief. If you need help or a download, the Australian forum is open. I don't...
  6. Thread: PCLinuxOS

    by athenroy

    Re: PCLinuxOS

    Yes, they are quite helpful. If you tried the Gnome version they have a special Gnome forum. There is a link in the main forum or on the home page if I recall correctly. I have their e17 version. ...
  7. Re: Is it morally ethical to help spammers [if they pay you]

    Personally, if your program works, I wouldn't let it go for $10 and not at all to known spammers. As to the last post about the 3 questions. 1. No, because, strange how soon companies forget who...
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    Re: user reveiws on couple of distros????

    PCLinuxOS is noted for stability and comes in several different versions. Also check Ultimate Edition 2.9 if you want something flashy! The Ultimate Edition main site is down right now because of...
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    Re: Classic Swtich

    Sounds like a support question to me. The guy wants to know how to get the Ubuntu Classic desktop. That IS support! When you click your name to login, before entering your password, look at the...
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    Re: June 2011 Screenshots

    Well, here is my Ubuntu Classic desktop on Flckr. I call it "Sleep Well"! I think I found the background on Gnome or Deviant Art, can't remember! Icons are Oxygen, windows are my custom...
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    [ubuntu] Re: wubi in windows

    Yes, I wasn't too clear if he meant a totally separate HDD or just the Windows part of the same HDD. Well. one of us should be right! Also, there is no easy way to see your Linux files from Windows...
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    [ubuntu] Re: wubi in windows

    Try going to "Places", "Computer", File System(in left side pane), Host, Users, and than your username. That should be your Windows 7 files. At least that is how my WUBI install is set up.
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    [ubuntu] Re: where is .conkyrc file?

    Check your /etc/Conky folder, in it is conky.config which which will be your .conkyrc file. You have to copy it to your home folder and re-name it .conkyrc . That way, if you make a mistake, you...
  14. Thread: Pinguy OS

    by athenroy

    Poll: Re: Pinguy OS

    I just tried it yesterday, June 12, 2011. It's really not too bad! Somethings may be a little over-simplified, but basically it seems sound. To it's credit, the Samba server is pretty much set up...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Gnome 3 Compromize? Linux Mint 11!

    Yeah, I read somewhere in a review they were using Gnome 3, but after re-reading the Mint sight, they are using a Gnome 2.x.x version in Mint 11. Sorry about that, my mistake. :oops:
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    [SOLVED] Re: Mint 11 cant play mp3's

    I just gave Mint 11 a spin from the Live DVD and it played MP3s fine. In fact, they were stored on my Windows partition.
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Can we downgrade from Ubuntu 11.x back to stable Ubuntu 10.x

    If you have 11.04, when you click on your name to log in, look in the center of the lower bar and see if you can get a Ubuntu Classic mode, than log in. That will give you the standard Gnome 2...
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    [SOLVED] Gnome 3 Compromize? Linux Mint 11!

    I just finished running a live DVD of the new Linux Mint 11 with Gnome 3 without the shell ( read Unity here)! Version 11 uses a narrow, standard lower Gnome panel to which you can add apps as usual...
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    Re: GNOME Getting Bigger: Ummm, Hello?

    One "new" Gnome app. bar = 3 "old" Gnome panels! Some people do actually use Linux for work purposes and WANT a smooth work flow and not having to navigate from one side of the screen to the other...
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    Re: Microsoft demos new Windows 8 UI

    The reason this type of UI is popular on smart(dumb) phones is because you have a very limited amount of real estate on your screen, not so on a PC. You know and I know a lot of improvements could...
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    Re: Fedora 15.....any thoughts?

    I can't wait to see your comments about Gnome 3 in 6 months to a year! The longer you use it, the less you like it and if you try using it for anything practical, like office work, not everyone that...
  22. Re: How computer illiterate are your friends/family?

    Sounds like my room mate, Roberta! Technologically challenged! I like the one about Firefox! I should try that with her! :D Oh, here's one for you. Roberta's daughter used to live across the...
  23. Re: Webian Shell - Mozilla's Response To Google Chrome OS

    I don't know what it is with these companies, but not everyone spends every minute of computer time on the web! I write several blogs and I usually pre-write my posts in a word processor like OO or...
  24. Re: Contributing to Ubuntu = Working for Canonical for free?

    No one knows for sure what lies ahead. There is always the chance Canonical pulls a Red Hat, shuts down Ubuntu and sells an enterprise version, I suppose. In the meantime, we get a free operating...
  25. Re: Domain name for your primary email addy --

    Funny, I'm just the opposite of DrC! I use gmail in case the time ever comes when I give up my domain names, at least I'll still have gmail! Not to mention I own about 4 domains and it's just too...
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