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  1. Re: Ubuntu 12.04 version 1 apt-get update behind a proxy

    I fixed it.
    It was the apt.conf

    I thought I would just make it blank and see if the error became another.
    Instead I opened with nano made the file empty did ctrl and O to save.
    The sudo apt-get...
  2. Ubuntu 12.04 version 1 apt-get update behind a proxy

    Hi Guys I went to Linux Tag and I am trying to do CMS.
    I installed everything on the install CD and via repos and it works great.
    I want to add a few things and I think something happened with my...
  3. Ubuntu 12.04 version 1 apt-get update behind a proxy

    Hi I setup a new 12.04 server.
    I have a proxy that I have to go threw.

    After install it remembered to the proxy address I could ssh out behind the proxy example
    This worked...
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    [xubuntu] X2go Viewer problem

    Hi I installed 12.10 server base then did the console command to install Xubuntu. (So had all my server stuff and Desktop stuff)
    I installed the PPA for X2go.

    I had a prior X2go viewer...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 lts Hp touchpad right click problem

    The patch worked for me also
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    [SOLVED] Re: HP Mini 210 touchpad right click not working

    I am pretty upset.
    I do not often get upset in Linux as its free and if it does not work I just find a distro that did work.

    I had heard ubuntu 11.10 had some new features with ubuntu one.
    I had...
  7. Re: Looking for an mp3 player that will 100% surely work with Ubuntu.

    I have really been at a loss to find a real quality mp3 player that runs rockbox native. I use a very old Iriver H10 with lastest rockbox on it I am always looking for something better but it is...
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