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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Recommendations for usb wifi network adapter?

    Just a gentle bump - does nobody have one of these?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu on SSD

    Yes, TRIM is supported in recent kernels, I think from 10.10 and definitely in 11.04.

    Here's a reasonable guide if you wanted to read further:
  3. [ubuntu] Recommendations for usb wifi network adapter?

    Hi folks, does anyone have personal experience of a USB wifi network adapter that

    (i) has decent Linux drivers
    (ii) supports 802.11n speeds
    (iii) will connect to a wifi signal in the 5GHz band?...
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    [all variants] Re: Laptop with nVidia GT 540M and "Optimus"

    Just to give you a gleam of hope, there is some unofficial work going to include Optimus support - it's now working on some laptops, albeit with no power management benefit and still needing manual...
  5. Poll: Thanks!

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to the OP, I was able to talk my mum through the walkthrough in 20 mins over the phone and it worked like a charm! :smile:
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy and horrible sound and video support

    I have exactly the same problem as the OP with a fresh 8.04 install. It's quite interesting really, once the flash video takes the soundcard focus, mplayer appears to freeze as described in the OP -...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Bad audio / video sync problems in mplayer

    Glad you got it working!

    You may be aware of this, but the - and + keys will adjust the audit/video delay in increments of 100ms in case you stumble across a video file that exhibits a similar...
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    Re: SABnzbd 2.5 on Dapper 6.06

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting, that fixed it for me! :)
  9. Thread: xplanet

    by shamrock_uk

    Re: xplanet

    The HOWTO here explains how to get it working.

    (Note that unless you want the picture in the background of your nautilus as well, then you don't want to do the steps posted in this thread above -...
  10. Re: HOWTO: logitech, labtec webcams with qc-usb driver

    sudo apt-get install xawtv will fix it.
  11. Re: Going back to Breezy (Who said slower is better)

    I don't claim to be a guru, but everybody I've installed Dapper for has noticed a visible improvement in desktop speed. Hardware detection is better than for Breezy and it's improved in every way I...
  12. Re: Mplayer is the greatest movie playing application to have ever hit our universe.

    Sorry, this may also be a bleeding obvious point if you've been using it for years, but provided you have the source repositories enabled, if you do sudo apt-get build-dep mplayer then it'll pull in...
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    Re: Windows Dapper

    I thought it already was - I've done a dist-upgrade on a couple of computers and I was asked on numerous occasions whether I wanted to keep old configs or use the new ones - use the new ones every...
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    Re: Adblock for Opera

    Also you can download the beta of Opera 9 from which has a built in content blocker accessible with a right-click.
  15. Poll: Re: How many schools do you know of using edubuntu

    None unfortunately.

    We're considering trying to roll it out to our school in Kenya, but one CD may well prove to be a large limiting factor to us. Internet access is very hard to come by, has a...
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    Blu-Ray, HD-DVD and Linux

    After reading a little bit about the history behind libdvdcss, it occurred to me how lucky we were that it was so easily breakable.

    Presumably with the next generation of formats, this will not...
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    Re: HOWTO: Fixing the "Mesa Issue" for ATI Cards

    Well, just in case this helps someone else:

    I've been butting my head against ATI for about two years with the drivers working/not working on an ad-hoc basis.

    They always work for me on a...
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    Re: Leased line advice

    Not an expert in this area, but really I can't imagine why 1Mb wouldn't be more than enough for your purposes.

    Hope you find a solution soon!
  19. Re: Requset for screenshot of GTK app under KDE

    To be honest, I think they look nicer. I've never seen any problems.
  20. Re: In response to the "the was fun but back to XP crowd"

    Just FYI, DVD shrink works great under wine.
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    Re: Spiffy New (Unstable) Gnucash

    Thanks yoyoned! You've just saved me some dependency head-scratching!

    Much obliged for the .deb, kleeman.
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    Poll: Re: Should Open Source Become A Crusade?

    Not in my opinion.

    I love it, I use it and I support selected projects with my cash too. But I've nothing against closed source programmes either and was a fully paid-up user of Opera for...
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    Re: free linux equivelant to the sims?

    Also, do make sure you pick the lincity-NG package, not plain lincity ;)
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    Poll: Re: Your primary Linux browser

    Opera 9 for me, Firefox as a very occasional backup.
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    Re: How Free Are You?

    Seems to have missed all my fglrx packages and browser plugins though.
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