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  1. Re: Ubuntu wins Canonical a "Big Brother Award"

    unity is spyware
  2. Re: Petition to make Ubuntu One server open source

    Try owncloud if you want to run a dropbox style server
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    Re: Big Smartphones

    I find typing on touch screens awkward no matter what size the screen is. I recently switched from a big touch screen to a smaller phone with a hardware keyboard (still has a touch scren thoug). I...
  4. Re: Now that the Unity hate has cooled down, how do you feel about the WM?

    I like Unity on new machines, but it's a bit slow on older ones. I think the introduction of Unity made an impact on how many people use Ubuntu, but I have to be careful what I say regarding this as...
  5. Re: Say Goodbye to Windows XP - StartUbuntu Project

    I'm not sure that the current version Ubuntu is suitable for all old windows XP machines. Yes it will run, but very slowly. P4 and below would be barely useable, even with Lubuntu or Xbuntu which...
  6. Re: What is your favorite computer game?

    Syndicate (The original, not syndicate wars). None of these FPS games. It got boring after Wolfenstien 3d. The original populous was good, I wish someone would remake it without screwing it up. Oh...
  7. Re: Linux “HoT” bank Trojan: Failed malware

    Wrong. You can send emails without sudo, you can make http get requests without sudo, you can connect to another ssh server without sudo, you can add items to your current user startup without sudo,...
  8. Re: "Intel Will Not Support Ubuntu's XMir" What will be the consequences?

    The fundamental problem with Linux. Too many cooks, too many egos. Intel have better things to be doing with their time than supporting desktop Linux. They should be supporting severs, but not...
  9. Re: Now that the Unity hate has cooled down, how do you feel about the WM?

    I didn't like it when it was first made the default WM. It was very buggy and slow. Fortunately its now alot faster and less buggy. Not it's actually usable and very good looking. I was happy with...
  10. Re: Ballmer to Quit... um.... I mean... Retire

    Come back to this thread in two years time and I bet the share price of Apple will be significantly down. A fast rise isn't always good, especially when your product is seen as a fashion commodity....
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    Re: Ubuntu logo copied by Microsoft

    Canonical weren't the first people to use a "circle of friends" style logo. I was around a long time before Ubuntu adopted it.
  12. Re: Trick from "Enemy of the State" actually works.

    Your phone tells you that you're in "airplane mode". But how to you know for sure that it isn't broadcasting or that is doesn't have a trackable device in it like some of RFID? you trust the...
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    Re: What browser do you use and why?

    Firefox was too buggy so I switched to Chrome. The internet was better when web developers kept things simple and small. Now it's bloat, bloat, bloat.
  14. Re: Ballmer to Quit... um.... I mean... Retire

    Our company is still buying Windows 8 machines. When the machines are being prepped for use we just install Classic Start. It's no biggy. Microsoft are a huge company and I'm sure they can weather ...
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    What next for Ubuntu?

    With the failure to reach the fundraising goal with Ubuntu edge, what is next? Do we keep trying with the mobile platform, or do we focus back on the Desktop/Laptop platform?
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    Re: where can i buy ubuntu edge in INDIA

    You can't because they failed to reach their ridiculously high fundraising goal
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    Re: Ubuntu Edge Superphone Indiegogo Campaign

    Epic fail
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    Re: Skype - no more (alternative arrives)

    All my colleagues have smartphones. We use skype when on computer and then normal calls using phones when we're not at a computer. We rolled out VSee for a while, but it had no benefits over skype...
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    Re: libreoffice calc

    Sounds like homework
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    Re: New Dells pre-loaded with Ubuntu LTS

    Spot on about the other pre-loaded applications. All those windows applications developers (Norton etc.) are willing to pay the hardware guys good money to get their bloatware installed by default....
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    [SOLVED] Re: Is Virtualbox stable?

    This is a test version... Nothing is stable. Anything can change at any moment.
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    Re: Imagination or is it faster?

    I've been testing since Dapper Drake... The development version is quite often faster than the version released at the end.
  23. Re: Are you supporting the Ubuntu Edge campaign?

    Give my hard earned money so rich people can get expensive phones? Hmmmmm.... No. Maybe if they'd stuck to their guns and made a phone "For Human Beings" then I'd be more willing to help.
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    Re: Ubuntu Edge conspiracy theories :P

    Whoever owns Indigogo is going to make a nice bit of interest from the millions they are currently holding in their bank account.
  25. Re: Are you supporting the Ubuntu Edge campaign?

    I stopped buying touch screen only phones this year. I wont buy a phone that doesn't have a hardware keyboard. I'm happy enough with Android and am not convinced that Cannonical has what it takes to...
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