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    [ubuntu] Realtek 8187b problems with 8.10

    Ok... I've got a problem.

    Last night I installed Intrepid on my old compaq laptop. The install went fine, everything works well... I just can't get my wireless card to work. Its a USB dongle style...
  2. [ubuntu] multiple sound card/jack/ALSA/freebob - help me!

    ok guys... I use my computer for recording. I have two M-Audio delta 1010 PCI cards installed. The breakout boxes are at the studio, and I never use these cards at home. At home, I use a presonus...
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    [ubuntu] Presonus firebox help

    ok, so I'm at the point where I can get a blue light using JACK.... now, how do I use the firebox to listen to system sounds (mp3's, watching movies etc)... I won't be recording anything on ubuntu...
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