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  1. [SOLVED] Batch Script not working correctly via Crontab

    Hello everyone!

    EDIT: Just tried scheduling the script again just now and closed my session and it worked successfully but its not writing to the log file. This morning the files failed to upload...
  2. Poll: Re: What kind of physical exercise do you perform ?

    I play hockey for two teams and looking to start Krav Maga... I still feel incredibly unfit though considering my diet is so dreadful :p
  3. Re: Man claims to have played same Civ II game over 10 years

    I dont think hes played solidly for 10 years - not enough time has passed in game for that - but I think its something he keeps popping into.

    His problem seems legit either way though, hes locked...
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    [ubuntu] PhpMyAdmin location

    Server: Ubuntu 11.10 64

    Hi all, Ive just installed phpmyadmin through the apt-get and its working perfectly and I can browse to it at <sitedomain>/phpmyadmin/ however I cant find this actual...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Need to install hyper-v linux integration components?

    To the op, I know exactly the problem you are having and Im looking into it. To the poster above, I would ask that if you dont have a clue about the subject then dont post! :P
  6. Re: So where did this geek girl thing come from? I'm terrible at maths!

    Im firmly of the belief that unless your own posts are 100% perfect with regards to grammar and structure then you really shouldn't be pulling other people up.

    With regards to the opening post...
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    Re: The last nail in the coffin

    Ive used MS Word (and indeed the whole office suite) for 5 years now at work. I think Word has crashed on me like twice in that entire time and both times were not due to the program itself.

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    Re: Threads you'll never even open

    Any thread where the title looks like it may have been typed by a an ADD kid after eating sherbet and drinking coke all morning. :)
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    Poll: Re: What's your work commute time?

    Generally takes me 4:17 (tried to get it lower, but with the wet roads at the moment its difficult :P) to get to work, but it takes me 10 minutes to walk to where my car is parked. If I walk to work,...
  10. Re: How does Gmail enlarge its users mailbox storage space every second?

    Yes, but its Yahoo. No class. :)

    I've never been able to understand how people could possibly use all the space (putting aside using the account as a virtual hdd).
  11. Poll: Re: Would you build a computer free of charge for someone less fortunate?

    I must confess I would base my choice on what the person was like (the one the pc would be going to). If they seemed a genuinely nice person, and someone who would really appreciate it and use it to...
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    Re: Advice Regarding Ubuntu Certification

    Have you done your LPI 101 and 102 yet? They're required first to get the Certification, and also provide you with a good solid foundation of knowledge to study for the Ubuntu exam.
    Im quite tempted...
  13. Thread: College

    by Fascination

    Re: Collage

    Depends where you are in the world, and how far you're willing to travel. ;)
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    Re: Where does your email come from?

    Do you really need unlimited space though? :-P
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    Re: Your partitioning scheme and why?

    Is it just me that likes to give /var/ its on partition? :-P It was drummed into my head by a sysadmin at work that no matter how I choose to do my partitioning (though he still gave me strict...
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    Re: Your favorite film so far this year?

    Hot Fuzz, probably. :) Cant actually remember what other new films Ive seen this year, which is worrying from a prospective dementia point of view. :-P
  17. Re: Whats the coolest thing you can do in Linux you cant in windows or mac?

    As mentioned, the faithful "sudo apt-get install" line; I still remember a friends shock when he watched me use this for the first time and I explained to him the concept and how it eased getting...
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    Re: Need some site advice

    The site didnt work for me - perhaps after posting the link here you just got inundated with hits. :)

    EDIT: Bah, posted at the same time as you - ah well, at least I know its not just me.
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    Re: Where does your email come from?

    I admire your loyalty. ;)
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    Re: Funniest cat picture thread ever!!!!11
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    Re: Help me make a free 'buntu emag...

    No, that way the rest of the community get a nice surprise come magazine release time. ;)
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    Re: Help me make a free 'buntu emag...

    Would it not be a good idea to keep those ideas safe in the restricted section of the fullcircle forum? :-P
  23. Poll: Re: How many people do you know who watch the Indy 500?

    No one. But then I represent a minority in the demographic, ie - not American. ;)

    The 'Tux 500' seems to be the produce of the 'Illogical Science' mentioned in Dilbert comics. The premise is quite...
  24. Re: How much more REAL do you want

    Whenever I think of the Indy 500 the first thing that comes to mind is "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" when at the end you see the magazine cover saying, "Grim Reaper wins Indy 500" with the quote...
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    Re: coffee question

    I need at least one cup to wake up in the morning - people at work have learnt I get grumpy if I dont get that one cup before coming into the office and sometimes even have one waiting. ;)
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