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  1. Thread: #DefendGNOME

    by joe4ska

    Re: #DefendGNOME

    Thanks amjjawad. I'm going to post that on my social accounts right now.
  2. Re: Screen does not turn off after upgrade to 13.10

    I'm stumped,

    I'm asuming there isn't a seperate setting in the System Settings > Power for the display.

    However you can try the following solution in terminal to see if it the Sable can still...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: [lemu2] Should I Upgrade from 12.04 to 13.04 or 13.10?

    I'd wait for 14.04 LTS since it's right around the corner and you'd have to update from 13.10 by July anyway. (13.04 support ended already)

    I urge you backup your system before upgrade just in...
  4. Re: Screen does not turn off after upgrade to 13.10

    It's possible you screen is set to "Sleep" and "Switch off" is set to Never.

    Granted I'm running XFCE on a Lemur Ultra and have my screen set to sleep (go blank) at 10 minutes then turn off...
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    [all variants] Re: BIOS for panp4n

    System76 has an iso on the wiki grab the one for PanP4.
  6. Re: Where has the System76 Driver for Precise release gone?

    By now 12.04.3 technically speaking is the current version and supports the backlight and card reader in my Lemur Ultra rev 4. But if you need it you can always download the latest and previous...
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    Re: System76 Laptop Questions

    It's worth mentioning that System76 uses their own bios which are also optimzed for Ubuntu and therefore GNU/Linux so no matter which distro you go with you'll have that advantage. You don't need to...
  8. Re: A College Student's Review of the Kudo Professional

    I'm using a 2 year old Lemur Ultra, so far i've swapped the Crucial M4 SSD for a larger newer Seagate SSD. Easy upgrade.
    The only wear is on the trackpad itself finish wearing down and getting a...
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    Re: Quality products and support system76

    Definately contact customer support. Sounds like you're still under waranty, make us of it.
    I haven't had a single problem with my Lemur Ultra and it's nearly 2 years old.
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    [ubuntu] Re: what ubunutu to use

    I'm using Lubuntu on an 4 year old netbook and it's simply amazing. So that would be my top suggestion.
    Peppermint OS is just as good with some nice XFCE compositing mixed into LXDE. I find it a...
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    [SOLVED] Re: ubuntu for business

    For a stable business platform, Ubuntu is great.

    But, OpenSuse releases are suppported for 18 months.

    This allows your IT department to at least skip a version...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Brightness and Graphics

    have you tried xbacklight?
    It can be used to manually map your keys to control backlight

    once you install it you can simply type...
  13. [ubuntu_studio] Re: A discussion forum for using video software from within Ubuntu Studio?

    I prefer Pitivi which can be found in the repositories and is a good replacement for openshot
    sudo apt-cache seach pitivi

    I also find Kazam pretty solid as a screen capture tool.
    sudo apt-cache...
  14. Re: I'm using a wireless adapter to connect to the internet. Can it work in Ubuntu?

    Earlier versions appear to have worked see

    If you have a DVD Rom burn an iso to a live DVD and boot from the dvd...
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    Re: Pithos running commercials now!

    You can try pianobar but it doesn't work unless you're running 13.04 or 13.10.

    I'd suggest paying the subscription for Pandora One which unlocks Hi-Fi mp3 playback and makes your account...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Gnash unable to play youtube HD

    VLC, plays the highest version available in my test. You can check in the stream codec info.

    I tried Fedora 19 recently and Gnash worked in Firefox on YouTube in HD 720p and 1080p and played well...
  17. [all variants] Re: Wireless stopped working, disappeared from lspci

    Does the network show up on other computers?
    Perhaps the router needs a hard reboot?
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    [other] Re: LemU2 heats up ~10 F playing audio

    Is it all audio or a specific application? I see about a 5 degree increase running Cinnamon and Pithos in Ubuntu. (with firefox in the background) from 49-56 depending on the CPU core.

    I'd suggest...
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    [ubuntu] Re: S76 Lemur vs Dell XPS 13 vs ZR UltraLap430

    I purchased a System76 Lemur Ultra back in June and have no regrets. I get 4:30 hours easy on light web surfing (reading forums and stuff).

    I've installed several GNU/Linux distributions with...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a linux laptop that just works? monitor, hibernate, sleep :-(

    Yep, and I should mention I've installed Arch, Fedora, Gentoo... just about every major distribution and they all worked as expected. It's just a matter of extra research for the other distributions....
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a linux laptop that just works? monitor, hibernate, sleep :-(

    Well, in my case the only drivers it provides is hotkeys for the backlight. and a driver for the media card reader.

    If i'm using Fedora or Sabayon for instance I just add xbacklight to my packages...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a linux laptop that just works? monitor, hibernate, sleep :-(

    System76's drivers will only work with Official Ubuntu based distributions. IE Xubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Kubuntu, Lubuntu.

    Even distributions that should be technically compatible like Peppermint OS...
  23. Thread: Lemu4 Freezing

    by joe4ska

    [SOLVED] Re: Lemu4 Freezing

    The only time I have freezes it's usually caused by a Flash advertisement or something Flash related. Does this only happen with Chromium?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Going back to 10.04

    When 10.04 hits end of cycle you can always switch to Xubuntu 12.04 or perhaps try MATE to get that Gnome 2 experience back.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Is System76's support deteriorating?

    I've never had to send my laptop back for repairs, whenever I have had a question it's been answered over their website quickly and professionally.

    As much as I love System76 when a customer calls...
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