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    [SOLVED] Re: Nautilus Default Settings in 15.04

    Note the ability to modify file manager preferences is not a feature, it is mandatory.

    The accels workaround (Ctrl-p) doesn't appear to work on UB16 (at least not without a restart).
  2. Re: Upgrade to 14.04 - Font Corruption

    Note the thin outline fonts may well be default icewm/X11 fonts (which happen to look like the original google chrome fonts). They appear on EL6 also and can be changed by temporarily initialising...
  3. Re: icewm blank black window on startup (2)


    - little black window bug occurs even when sleep delays are added to ~/.icewm/startup
    - little black window bug occurs when ~/.icewm/startup is empty

  4. icewm blank black window on startup (2)

    This is a continuation of the closed "icewm blank black window on startup" and "Have weird blank X window in IceWM" threads ( and...
  5. Upgrade to 14.04 - Font Corruption

    I am getting the same issue as identified in this thread ("Upgrade to 14.04 - Graphics Went Wrong").

    Upon upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 the WM fonts change to an outline font of some kind,...
  6. Upgrade to 14.04 - Graphics Went Wrong

    I have the same issue. Upon upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 the WM fonts change to an outline font of some kind, approximately 50% of times the PC is booted. e.g. Thunar, Nautilus, Gedit, Gnome-terminal,...
  7. Poll: Re: Share with us your Trusty (14.04) Upgrade & Installation Experiences

    I wanted to congratulate the Ubuntu team for a perfect 13.10->14.04 upgrade. In fact it went so perfectly I was astonished. 2.6GB of packages; not all core packages, and a non-standard window...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Default lid close behavior (continued)

    I found the solution to this problem here;

    sudo gedit /etc/systemd/logind.conf

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    [SOLVED] Re: Where is icewm?

    Note I found a workaround to the missing gnome applet and brightness configuration problem (installing mate-bluetooth-applet, mate-power-manager and indicator-brightness). Icewm is still not...
  10. [SOLVED] Default lid close behavior (continued)

    This thread is requesting a solution to the problem identified here (

    I was wondering where the settings are to control the default lid close...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Where is icewm?

    Thanks BuckyBall

    (Note I am still attempting to locate and initialise the bluetooth-applet and gnome-volume-manager applets in Ubuntu icewm; but that will likely require another thread. Yet apart...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 13.10 on Samsung Series 5

    Note I am having the same problems with the Samsung Series 5 backlight.

    There is a lot of advice out there (not all of which is very simple/contained), and much of which appears to work only in...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Where is icewm?

    Thanks very much Deadflowr,

    It worked fine after running "sudo apt-get update"

    Excellent support here...
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    [SOLVED] Where is icewm?


    I am new to Ubuntu (long term Redhat user) and am attempting to install icewm. When installing Ubuntu 13.1 on this Ultrabook I was working off the assumption that they supported icewm (eg...
  15. Re: How do you import svg's into LibreOffice?

    LibreOffice does not support SVG import - there is currently a problem with this feature. See my comments here;
  16. [ubuntu] Re: gnome-panel won't show with autohide

    To use auto hide gnome-panels while Compiz desktop wall is activated;

    CompizConfig Settings Manager - Desktop Wall - Bindings - Edge Flip
    - change 'Flip up' binding from 'top' to 'none'
    - change...
  17. Re: HOWTO: Show the full path in the nautilus title bar.

    I previously listed this deficiency in customisation here;

    This is a critical issue with Nautilus, along with the length of the...
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