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  1. [lubuntu] Re: Problem booting off USB to install lubuntu

    When the menu on the session menu, there is an option to verify the ,ISO. It can tell you if you need at do it again.

    +1 for Balena Etcher, the best USB burner available, IMHO.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Nitro+ driver install issue

    ATI, some time ago, to their great credit, worked with FOSS developers to create an open-source Radeon driver, which started a bit sketchy a decade ago, but is as good a driver as possible, just like...
  3. Re: Migrating from Windows 10 to Ubuntu

    There are even lighter distros than Lubuntu (this list does include Lubuntu). Here's a list.
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    Re: can't get the app running please help

    32-bit programs are named i386 in honor of the Intel i386, the first commercial 32-bit CPU.

    64-bit programs are named AMD64 in honor of the AMD Athlon 64, the first commercial 64-bit CPU.

  5. Re: Ubuntu 18.04 Nvidia driver 440 black screen on boot.

    This should fix things:

    sudo apt install dkms

    I don't know if you'll need to deinstall and reinstall the nVidia driver, but dkms stands for Dynamic Kernel Module Support. It will automagically...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Chromebook acer 11 to ubuntu doesn't detect headphones but plays sound through HD

    The component in laptops which fails first is likely to be the headphone jack; it's happened to me. There are cheap USB sound devices which have sturdy jacks, which is the best solution for you.
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    [ubuntu_mate] Re: Which GUI to unzip files?

    In Ubuntu MATE, the archive manager GUI is called Engrampa. Do install unrar, and p7-zip.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu keeps freezing

    Go to the page from which you downloaded he image and look for the SHA256sum code. Then, do this:

    sha256sum nameof.iso

    sha256sum is already installed. If the two checksums are the same, the...
  9. Re: Does "erase disk" erase all drives?

    Always install Windows FIRST!. When you install Linux, it will create a boot sector which will boot either OS . Installing Linux first will result in Windows overwriting the Linux boot sector.
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    Re: Why Ubuntu instead of Manjaro?

    I dual-boot Manjaro MATE with Ubuntu MATE. I use Manjaro for my daily driver to have the apps which Debian no longer supports, and therefore, Ubuntu doesn't. I also got tired of using PPAs, one of...
  11. Re: Cant Intall repository of any kind.

    If you get errors when using the repos, it would be a good idea to choose another mirror from the software update app.
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Mounted HFS+ disk but can't write to it

    FWIW, I had an external hard drive to which I suddenly had no permissions. I was using it to do a radio show, and using chown fixed it right up, with no further problems.

    It was EXT4, not HFS+.
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Dell Inspiron 530 with no OS will not recognize boot DVD

    I believe that the best way to burn an image to a USB is Etcher, which doesn't require preformatting or anything. It is, IIRC, in the Ubuntu repos.
  14. Re: Can you have a usb flash drive that is recognized by windows 10 (host) and ubuntu

    ANY computer, camera, phone can read FAT. exFAT is readable by both OSes, and is a better filesystem than FAT is.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Upgrade to new LTS version

    There have been many posts, over the years, from people who have had trouble upgrading in place. I personally highly recommend that you just install 20.04. You may be successful, but you might have...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sony Vaio Laptop runs very hot...

    Have you tried taking the back off and blowing off the dust? If you do, hold the fan still to protect the bearings.

    My 2013 i5 Dell runs quite hot when I'm playing a game, FWIW.
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Sudden issues with slow applications and crashes

    There's also HTTP Everywhere, which is a free plugin for browsers straight from the Electronic Freedom Foundation (who are the Good Guys).

    I highly recommend it, and be careful on sites that don't...
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    Re: Warhammer on Steam

    Steam has Total War:Warhammer, and Warhammer 40K.

    They're native Linux, and look and play great.
  19. Re: How to change wireless card drivers?

    If there is a Windows driver, you can extract the .exe to get the .info file. Then,

    sudo apt install ndiswrapper
    It will most likely be in Syetem Tools. Open it up, and tell it where the .info...
  20. Re: How to make a game that will work on Linux?

    Also, the Unity game engine, very widely used, from small indie games to major AAA RPGs (for example, Pillars of Eternity), and there's a free license. the Unreal engine is free as well.
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    Re: Smartd to check SSD Disk Health

    Have you been running a trim operation on the SSD? If you haven't, that could be the problem.
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    Re: Boot errors.. Newbie!

    This is a good question; I have, in 12 years, never gotten that message. It'll just be a very small annoyance.
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    Re: boot problem

    When you dual-boot, there will always be that GRUB menu; it can't be disabled. I dual-boot Manjaro and Ubuntu MATE (for old times' sake), and the GRUB menu always comes up.
  24. Re: Hi! Started using UBUNTU again after some years.

    2.The user account should be in the sudoers group, which is default, and I strongly advise that you do not have a root user account.

    Having 2 accounts, one administrator and one user is extremely...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Wireless adapter driver installation

    There is also ndiswrapper, which allows the Windows driver to be used by selecting the .INFO file from the driver folder, and worked every time for me a decade ago, before the vast majority of...
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