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  1. Re: Are micro-SD to SD adapters active?

    I have seen adverts for MIcro card readers that plug into a USB port on a computer. I think that they are a kind of pass through connector.

  2. [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade left me with "Ubuntu Focal Fossa (development branch)" instead of LTS

    I have been running 20.04 development branch for most of its 26 weeks development period. At the right time it updated to 20.04 LTS. I can only guess that at some point you gave an instruction to...
  3. Re: No access to network mediaplayer with ubuntu 20.04

    Having only one machine I have never done what you are trying to do. The Ubuntu Desktop Guide has a section on Networking, web & email>Sharing>Browse files on a server or network share.

    You might...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Why is there a Pi specific version of Ubuntu?

    ARM does not make computer chips. It designs them for whoever is willing to supply a specification and pay the price. Apple Corp have made great use of ARM designs. It follows that versions of Ubuntu...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: 20:04 - I bought a GPU off of Ebay, how can I tell if it is ecellerated.....

    That is your video driver and it is the open source video driver that comes as default in Ubuntu. To see if there is a proprietary video driver available open a utility called Software and Updates...
  6. Re: The promises, the disappointments

    Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam. I don't like Spam. Spam's Off!

    With respects to Terry Jones and Michael Palin

  7. Re: Automatic login and screen saver

    How can that be true? In my experience a system restart is not that quick as the OS has to shut all kinds of services down and then trigger the motherboard boot process. It includes the Grub...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Pre-install questions from newbie!

    My experience of Microsoft Windows ended with Win98. My motherboard is a BIOS board so I have no personal experience of dual boot with Windows and UEFI and secure boot. I was around when Microsoft...
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    Re: xubuntu

    The Ubuntu flavours

    The developers of these flavours have a large degree of independence from...
  10. Re: What's the rationale that Ubuntu now wants to install everything in a snap packag

    Ubuntu core does not have a desktop environment. A DE would have to be a snap to install on ubuntu core. An IoT device running one application would not need a full DE and may not have the RAM and...
  11. Re: Remove multiple clicks needed to shut down

    I agree with you. Power off; Log out & Suspend should all be available from the first drop down menu. If I remember correctly it used to be that way when we used Unity 7. Now, we have Gnome 3 shell...
  12. Re: Upgrading to 20.04 - Not enough free disk space

    Why are you using the -d switch? That will attempt to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.10 development version. Apart from that your root folder (sda2) is 98% full and your home folder (sda3) is 86% full. From...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Firefox blocks any site

    If the OS is indeed Ubuntu 11.04 then Firefox would be at version 3.6. That version of Firefox should load web sites coded with HTML 4 but many websites would have moved on from HTML 4 to HTML 5 and...
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    Re: Aisleriot Broken

    I play the game that the application opens with (Canfield). It works as it should. I was not aware that there were so many alternative card games in that application.

  15. Re: First Impressions, one bug, and one suggestion

    Not here you are not but say that on a Gnome mailing list and you are liable to get thrown off it. Gnome developers do not like criticism. Ubuntu started out with Gnome Desktop Environment and it...
  16. Re: What's the rationale that Ubuntu now wants to install everything in a snap packag

    Are you sure? Systemd is Redhat software. Debian developers working for Redhat pushed for its inclusion into Debian. As Ubuntu is based on Debian we get SystemD in Ubuntu.
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    Re: How to develop app in Linux?

    You asked a simple question but as you can see with Linux a simple answer is a rare thing. Freedom in Linux is the freedom to do things differently. And there is plenty of that kind of freedom.
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    Re: How to develop app in Linux?

    Are you aware that there is Visual Studio for Linux? The Ubuntu 18.04 app store has two versions. Visual Studio Code & Visual Studio Insiders. I do not know what is different between them. Both are...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: grub-install failed on /dev/sda

    Here are a couple of Ubuntu community help documents that might help. Ubuntu has been compatible with secure boot for many years because the Ubuntu developers went so far as getting the boot loader...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: Expected consequences of changing desktop environment (Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME)

    What will happen when you decide to remove the additional desktop? From my own experience I would suggest be prepared to reinstall as the least complicated way of putting things right. But you have...
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    Re: Ubuntu Mirror Issues

    Have you reviewed the man page for apt? If you want to force an upgrade for a specific package then check out the man page under install, reinstall, remove, purge. There might be information there...
  22. Re: Missing whisker - ubuntu 20.04 wallpaper.

    Does it really? It took me a while to work out what you were talking about. For being observant you win a prize. But you have to work out what the prize is and how to claim it and the closing date...
  23. Re: What's the rationale that Ubuntu now wants to install everything in a snap packag

    Who knows? Certainly not me. I do not fault Mark Shuttleworth (Canonical) for wanting to shakeup Linux development by trying new ideas or doing things differently. True, some of the projects have had...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Authentication Required Popup

    I have just done a little reading about this program. Do you have to give the program your Ubuntu login user password? If you don not then I guess that even if it gets you to a Ubuntu desktop but it...
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    Re: What i can run and what not

    There is a reason that they are not included in the distribution. But if I remember correctly we can tick a box during installation to have them downloaded and installed at the same time as Ubuntu is...
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