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  1. Re: Does RemasterSys work with Ubuntu 14.04?

    Here is my experience remastering Lubuntu 14.04 using remastersys.
    1. I got remastersys package from
    2. To install it, here is the...
  2. CUPS stopped at boot after customize squashfs

    Hi all. I try to custom lubuntu 14.04. I follow instructions at ( Not all steps are done. I only do the basic step from preparation until change...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Problem with get connection on ZTE AC682

    there so many tutorial about connecting AC682 CDMA Modem with Ubuntu box. Yet, not all of them work. My modem has the same trouble too, it can not easily get barrier signal.
    But I have solution for...
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    [ubuntu] Wavecom Fastrack M1206 Q2358C

    Hi all.
    I would like to know about this stuff (Wavecom Fastrack M1206 Q2358C modem). Is there anybody ever use this?
    Is the stuff already supported by Ubuntu Linux? Please tell me or tell us about...
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    Re: python-MySQLdb

    I have the same problem too. I can not run python-mysql instlalation script wrote in python. Seems the problem is located in libmysqlclient. I solve it by do this action
    uninstall the installed...
  6. [ubuntu_mobile] [SOLVED] Mobile Modem ACM-001 Cannot Detected by Karmic

    Today, Monday November 1st I try to execute all script which have prefix 05c6:1000:*. When I run

    then I do lsusb,

    here is what i get:

    Bus 002 Device 005: ID 05c6:6000 Qualcomm, Inc. <-- the...
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    [ubuntu] CDMA Mobile Driver

    Mobile modem using qualcomm chipset is not easy to deployed in Linux. I hope linux developer or progammer can solve this. Therefore I upload my CDMA Modem XP driver here. My modem is manufactured by...
  8. [ubuntu_mobile] Re: Mobile Modem ACM-001 Cannot Detected by Karmic

    I have try to execute usb_modeswitch. I use usbsnoop too ( Then I make a new confuguration named 05c6:100:uMa=Qualcomm. The content just like below:

    and here...
  9. [ubuntu_mobile] [SOLVED] Mobile Modem ACM-001 Cannot Detected by Karmic

    dear ubuntu Users and developers.
    At Saturday, 23rd October 2010 I bought a USB CDMA Modem named AX manufactured by Alltronix and has series
    labeled ACM-001. The chipset is Qualcom. It didn't work...
  10. [ubuntu] c++ system("clear") can not be compiled

    Hi every buddy!

    I wrote program like this bellow:
    using namespace std;
    //variable definiton
    float r, t;
    float vol, luasl, luasd, luast;
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