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  1. Re: For how long are you using your External HDD ? Which brand is it ?

    Ive got a couple 2tb usb 3.0 drives holding media and snapraid parity on my server. Haven't had a fail in 3 years. My dad keeps his media and data on a pair of usb 2.0 drives on his mac. As far as I...
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    Re: Snaps

    I don't use many snaps intentionally. Just the LXD container daemon is in a snap for me. I found this easiest to do as I was testing between Ubuntu & Debian for my server. They needed the same...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Simple DVR options in lieu of mythbuntu

    Mythtv is very simple to set up. Granted, it took me quite a time to sort out what is required and what isn't. The guides around the internet are all just a little different. I can get a backend...
  4. Re: Ubuntu defeated Windows handily in my Minecraft.

    i5 3470 w 8gb of ram. mine seems to do just fine on jdk 11. for reference when i was playing wow on this machine it would max the game at 100 fps. rx570 to the rescue.
  5. Ubuntu defeated Windows handily in my Minecraft.

    I've had my desktop on Ubuntu for a good while now and did a lot of Minecraft. Averaged 40-50fps near all the time. I just redid my computer to dual boot with Windows 10 so I could look into some...
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    Re: Autologin Ubuntu 18.04 FAIL

    I found another way to accomplish my goal. I was trying to make a solution for pxe bootable clients work on a full bare metal install, and got nowhere. Instead of having multiple users I just...
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    Re: Autologin Ubuntu 18.04 FAIL

    I have. Just now I changed /var/lib/AccountService/users/kodimain to openbox. Changed .dmrc to openbox, and added user-session=openbox to my lightdm.conf file. I powered down and turned it back on....
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    Autologin Ubuntu 18.04 FAIL

    At this point I have tried LightDM and GDM3 as provided. I've followed a few guides. All guides auto login. However nothing I do makes them go to Openbox. They always go to Ubuntu session. I've tried...
  9. Re: GUI backup software that allows restoration of specific user specified files

    Vms are good for this sort of thing. Snapshot and just restore if you botch it.
  10. Re: GUI backup software that allows restoration of specific user specified files

    The problem with DejaDup is that it only runs when you are logged in. As it is gui and gui login as root is not advisable it isn't exactly designed for backing up system files. But you can get around...
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    Re: important operative systems.

    Find it all there. People aren't going to do your research for you.
  12. Re: Network authentication at home.

    I ended up going with NIS for now. I haven't got my desktop / server working off it yet but that seems to be an issue with GDM3 and Nis in 18.04. My Nis however is covering all containers and ltsp...
  13. Network authentication at home.

    I need to streamline user creation and uids / gids across 12 lxd containers, a desktop, and 5 pxe booted media centers / desktops using LTSP. Right now I use the same uids and gids but its getting a...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Anyone still running Ivy Bridge graphics with 19.10?

    My current living room media center plays back to a 4k screen without a single problem capped at 1080p via the hd2500 on an i5 3470. I think for browsing any Ivy is fine. I can even run Minecraft...
  15. Re: DTH vs Streaming ....What are you using and why ?

    I live with my grandparents and parents on 2.5 acres in southern Arizona. The wife and I use OTA for tv, along with Netflix and Prime occasionally. The majority of our media consumption is off of...
  16. Re: What's the best way to remove a Linux partiton from a triple boot?

    If you are positive that Xubuntu handles grub then it's as simple as logging into Xubuntu and formatting that Mint partition, then running
    sudo update-grub

    If you are not 100% sure of that then...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: In 2020, which supports linux better - AMD or Intel?

    Both do equally well. As said, the newest hardware on either side will be trouble though.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unity, or else ...

    I'd suggest just move on to Gnome or something else. I know Linux is about choice, and you are free to keep running Unity if you want. But as time progresses you will eventually be forced to switch...
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    Re: Plex client on ubuntu server

    In the past my main server was also my living room htpc via Kodi, direct boot to it. It can be done fairly easily and you don't need a full DE to do it. I'd recommend Openbox and a systemd service to...
  20. Re: do you use live distros often and why.

    I haven't even bothered to keep a live image around for a few years. I stopped distro hopping and haven't had any other need to test. I suppose if I was changing hardware a bit more often I would. As...
  21. [all variants] Re: What is the advantage of systemd-resolved

    It only uses what the dhcp server gives it. Fix that and your problem is solved. Dont get on that waste of time anti systemd bus. It isnt the problem.
  22. Re: When should I replace my battery?

    I don't know if they directly translate but I'd guess those numbers mean half the charge, half the potential run time. Only you can decide if that matters at the moment. I have a laptop that was...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Having trouble mounting sshfs directory into MergerFS

    Marking as solved. Following the Arch wiki was better than the other stuff. Worked a treat with allow_other in the options line.
  24. [SOLVED] Having trouble mounting sshfs directory into MergerFS

    I've been using MergerFs with nfs successfully for awhile now but I'm trying to streamline a bit. Maybe it isn't simplifying like I thought. I'm trying to test using sshfs rather than nfs shares....
  25. Re: IO of a single hard drive. How many at once.

    Ok maybe I asked the wrong question. According to DD right now I am reading at 129MB per second from my snapraid pool. 117MB write speed on a single file. Only writes I really have to worry about are...
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