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  1. [kubuntu] Re: Screen resolution stuck at 800x600 on boot and login screen.

    You may want to try another VGA cable. The monitor's information is sent to the PC through one wire. If that wire is broken or a pain connection weak, the PC cannot determine the monitor's...
  2. [kubuntu] Re: Screen resolution stuck at 800x600 on boot and login screen.

    How is the monitor connected to the PC: what cables / adapters are you using?
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    Re: HDMI output problem to Samsung TV

    Until someone higher on the pay scale comes along, try this: Power down and only have the monitor connected. Power up and back off again. Disconnect monitor and hook up TV. Power up. See if that...
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    Re: Stacer OR/AND BleachBit?

    I have used Stacer before. What I found is that it pretty much didn't do anything. That could be because I don't muck up my system with junk.

    Keep in mind that Linux is NOT Windows. Things that...
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    Re: Ubuntu problem with MicroSD Card.

    The last thing that I would try is to format it to NTFS on Linux. (Not sure if you tried that already or not.) If you cannot do it on Linux, or if you come up with a super block error again while...
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    Re: Ubuntu problem with MicroSD Card.

    Whenever I see a super block error, that tells me that that storage device is history: dead.
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    [ubuntu] Re: lost most display resolutions

    Have you checked monitor / PC connections? Make sure that they are tight....maybe take them apart and reconnect. If you have a bad connection, the info from the monitor might not be making it to...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Hard Disk with read failure on GSmartControl

    I believe that it is time to try and save as much as you can from that drive and at least try another drive.....even if it is a small one just to make sure. But, I believe that your drive has failed.
  9. [SOLVED] Re: Why is the internal hard drive not available when attempting to install Ubuntu 18

    Are you attempting to dual boot? Have you disabled fast start in the BIOS?
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    Re: New Install -- Radeon R7-370 overheats

    You should be able to do a clean install of 18.04 or newer and then NOT install anything for the GPU to work properly. The Radeon driver should already be present when the OS is installed.

    I am...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Video frame lag in VLC and SMPlayer

    Did you ever install and graphics drivers? If so, what one and where did you get it from?
  12. Re: Battery at 0% Charge | Charging State = Idle

    Have you tried leaving it to charge with the laptop off? Do you have the indicator light on when you plug in the charger? Have you tried another charger? Your charger could have enough voltage to...
  13. Re: Prenrers HP Deskjet series do not work on ubuntu 18 LTS

    Are you sure that the printers work at all? What driver/softwarehave you installed? How are they connecting to the PC?
  14. Thread: Overheating

    by Autodave

    Re: Overheating

    Can you give us some info on your laptop please? Also, what version of 'buntu are you using?
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    Re: Ubuntu Laptop?

    Dell and an HP and a Sony Vaio. All were thrown away. One had a bad HD in it, one had something spilled on the keyboard (a soak of the keyboard in warm water fixed that), and one was deemed too old...
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    Re: Firefox on Lubuntu disruptive

    Are you using any ad blockers? If so, disable all of them and try uBlock.
  17. [ubuntu] Re: how to install printer to scan a document?

    I just noticed something unrelated to the scanner issue. You installed Ubuntu on that machine? How are the specs on that PC? You may do better by installing a lighter desktop version.
  18. [ubuntu] Re: how to install printer to scan a document?

    hplip has to be installed for the scanner to work.
  19. [ubuntu] Re: how to install printer to scan a document?

    hplip will need to be installed. You can probably get this from the Softwear center. In case you don't see it there, search for and install synaptic package manager and then you can find hplip...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Screen goes black after intalling the nvidia driver

    I apologize for that confusion.

    How is the graphics using the nouveau driver? Is there a reason why you can't use that?
  21. Re: Micro SD card RAW, read-only partially visible...

    Does it show a partition now? If so, you need to now format it. If it does not show a partition, then I believe it is time for a new card.
  22. Re: Should I use the latest Ubuntu or LTS version?

    19.10 is the most current release. I would probably install that and then upgrade to the 20.04 LTS release in a few months. And then I would stay with 20.04.
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Screen goes black after intalling the nvidia driver


    Just some info for anyone else that looks at this post: I did a little research and found this from PC World: "This $4200 laptop packs a 2.53GHz Intel Core 2...
  24. Re: adding DDR2 memory to Aspire AX1300 - understanding limits

    Every computer is limited. Some are quite high, but they are still limited.
  25. Re: Headphones not working with Ubuntu 18.04.3

    I have no idea about Macs, but I have seen this problem on PCs. Sometimes this will fix it, sometimes not. But, you have nothing to lose. Power off the machine. Plug your headphones in and boot the...
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