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  1. [ubuntu] Re: How to recover encrypted Home directory?

    if you use su to become root, then you should be able to cd into it.

    or you could try chown to make your user the owner.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: How to recover encrypted Home directory?

    try sudo cd /tmp/ecryptfs.NsnIktP1/ it's probably mounted with root permissions since you used sudo.
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    Re: Anyone able to overcome CPU Temp issues?

    installing a cpu throttler such as cpufreq can help a lot.

    I run it with the conservative govenor. meaning most of the time my cpu is clocked WAY down as low as it'll go (1.2GHz) and only brought...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: might be leaving Linux [ But where to go ?? ]

    have you tried cleaning it out? 90% of overheating laptop problems i've seen are because there is an unholy dust bunny inhabiting the heatsink.
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    Re: Home Server - Is this possible?

    playing a videogame remotely is going to be a whole mess of lag. especially if its graphics intensive.

    if your going to be doing something that is dependant on low latency interaction you'll be...
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    [ubuntu] Re: VLC Refuses to play DVD

    have you installed libdvdcss? this is required to decrypt DVD's and doesn't come installed by default.
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    Re: UK "black boxes"

    I don't think this'll fly for long. surely companies will be up in arms about this, they deal in sensitive data all the time that could make or break them.

    of course, i will now be implementing an...
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    [SOLVED] Re: How can i increase netbooks resolution?

    actually it is possible to force some monitors(analogue in particular) to 'display' more than their native resolution. of course, this appears terrible because you end up missing lines out so nothing...
  9. Poll: Re: Are you using encryption in your e-mail correspondence?

    I use it with some people at the moment. Some of my nerdier friends and myself are planning on teaching as many people as possible how to use encryption if the UK passes this new bill that means...
  10. Re: What filesystem(s) are YOU using and why?

    ext2 for /boot because, well, i've always done used it for /boot since i understood partitioning
    ext4 for / and /home i don't need anything fancy.
    ZFS on my NAS because its kinda cool
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    Re: *Business Buzz Words!*

    "we are where we are" no, really? i thought we were over there!

    90% of corporate-speak just seems to be to increase word count. this isn't an essay for english class, conciseness is a virtue here.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Encryption Passphrase Bypass?

    If there was a way to bypass it then there wouldn't be a point to encrypting the disk.

    you could go for a key file maybe present on a USB stick, but again, if you leave it plugged in then what's...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: "compress" doesn't compress (Ubuntu 10.04)

    jpeg is a lossy compression algorithm. I'll strip out information based on that 100% setting then essentially zip what's left to make the smallest file possible. The % quality really just determines...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: "compress" doesn't compress (Ubuntu 10.04)

    are you trying to compress .jpg's .png's or other already heavily compressed images? if so then thats your problem. you can't just keep adding layers of compression as files will only get so small...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Need malware for Ubuntu (for testing)

    malware does not last long on linux. what you are asking for would be obsolete by the time you got it.
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    Re: KDE Linux in North Korea

    with a national internet speed of "what ever gets smuggled in on pendrives" i'm surprised they have KDE3
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    [SOLVED] Re: LibreOffice Writer question

    what happened to just hitting 'PrntScr'?
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    Re: LibreOffice bugs

    libre office has bugs, of course it does. even minesweeper has bugs.

    the real question is, what are you doing about it?

    even if you don't have any programming experience you can still report a...
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    Re: Why is backing up so hard?

    I set up a small bash script years ago that dumps a copy of my home folder onto the backup servers drives. it does this every night, every year it'll compress the whole shebang with bz2 and store it...
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    Re: Do you click on ads?

    with the amount of visruses i've had to clear out of family, friends and even my own computer (back in the 20th century in my case) that arose due to clicking on ads, I'm not going to click on them...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Introducing WINE to my disc drive

    you could just point it to the device rather than the mount point

    for example, /dev/sr0 is your first CD/DVD drive (I think ubuntu still links this to /dev/cd and /dev/dvd so either of these will...
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    Re: Long Term Support LTS release cycle

    Sounds like your changing hardware without assessing suitability. I can only assume that the situation is outwith your control otherwise you aren't playing it very smart.

    The factory/office i work...
  23. [other] Re: Mainboard upgrade with no changes to hdd?

    you should be okay.

    I've swapped HDD's without issue before.

    The only times you run into any issues if you have some device specific configuration going on (such as disabling various drivers...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Question on Disk partitioning/formatting

    by right clicking on 'My Computer' and selecting manage there should be a disk utility in the 'storage' section that will allow you to remove the linux partitions (this will wipe all data within...
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    Re: Long Term Support LTS release cycle

    it's possible to turn off unity isn't it?

    you can default to the 'old' gnome look.
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