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  1. [ubuntu] Dvd RW drive doesnt work anymore. (noob alert)

    Hi there guys and Gals.

    Sorry for the noob questions that may come up.
    Im sure my dvd drive worked fine a few months ago, and since the last update (i think) it doesnt work properly.
    ive been...
  2. [ubuntu] Screen resolution not carried over to login screen

    Ive set my Ubuntu desktop down to my 1024x768 resolution, from the default huge res. however my login screen doesnt go with it.
    the login box hangs off the bottom right of the screen.

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    [ubuntu] using Updates to overcome installation problems?

    My installation problem, as in, it wont install, could be due to my graphics card (so i understand)

    if i were to download an older version of ubuntu, and then run the update (assuming it worked)...
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    [ubuntu] Installation lockup, Amilo 7300


    Im trying to get ubuntu working!
    ive installed it fine, using wubi, and it works as it should, very impressed with it overall.

    ive now come to install it properly.
    i want to reformat...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Fujitsu L7300 Problem with Suspend-mode

    Hi there.
    apologies for a non useful reply :oops:

    I have the same laptop as yourself (found by searching for Amilo 7300) and cant install Ubuntu!

    i have it working via wubi, inside windows,...
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