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  1. Re: Ubuntu Core 16.04 release almost impossible to find!

    Another thing: Ubuntu Core is mentioned in the "Support Lifecycle" section of
    but there is no link to it in the "Download Ubuntu 16.04 LTS" section.
  2. Re: Ubuntu Core 16.04 release almost impossible to find!

    P.S. After all that, gives just a .tar.gz file of the root filesystem - not a bootable .img file that you could dd to persistent storage....
  3. Ubuntu Core 16.04 release almost impossible to find!

    I don't know where best to post this, so my apologies if this is the wrong place.

    Ubuntu 16.04 makes a big thing about including the snap(py) packaging system from Ubuntu Core. So I thought I'd...
  4. Re: 14.04 server removes support for Kernel Shared Memory (ksmd)?

    This feature appears to be have been brought back in trusty release.

    $ grep -1 SLEEP /etc/init/qemu-kvm.conf
    if [ -w /sys/kernel/mm/ksm/sleep_millisecs ]; then
    if [ -n...
  5. Re: Anyone else getting stuck when trying to reboot (14.04)?

    Bug reports created upstream:

    No shutdown debugging:
    avahi-daemon shutdown delays:...
  6. Re: Anyone else getting stuck when trying to reboot (14.04)?

    Aside: I notice that the message "Stopping System V runlevel compatibility" is left over from boot time - press Alt-F7 to see it. Also do

    echo --- >/dev/tty7

    to get a divider, before you...
  7. Re: Anyone else getting stuck when trying to reboot (14.04)?

    If I leave it for just over 6 minutes, it does reboot. Trying "halt" instead of "reboot" to capture the final messages, I just got:

    * Stopping System V runlevel compatibility [ OK ]
    [ ...
  8. Re: Anyone else getting stuck when trying to reboot (14.04)?

    I'm getting this too. Mac Mini, Ubuntu 14.04 server amd64, previously was running 12.04 no problems. No X or GUI, just console.

    It was originally getting stuck at:

    * Stopping System V...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Dead server in

    It has been fixed now.

    $ nslookup
    Non-authoritative answer:
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    [SOLVED] Dead server in

    Sorry but I'm not sure where else to post this report! gives a round-robin DNS reply to four servers, but one of them is dead.

    $ nslookup
  11. 14.04 server removes support for Kernel Shared Memory (ksmd)?

    I have been trying snapshot 20140319 of trusty server amd64. I uses Ubuntu as a virtualisation host.

    In Precise, there was /etc/default/qemu-kvm which contained settings:

  12. [ubuntu] Re: SGPIO / SAS Backplane Utilities? Marvell SAS + Supermicro

    apt-cache search sgpio
    apt-get install ledmon
    man ledmon

    For ubuntu 12.04 anyway.
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    [ubuntu] Re: smcFanControl for Ubuntu on Intel Mac?

    There is a version of smcfancontrol for Linux:

    I had to hack it a bit to work properly on a...
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    [ubuntu] How to keep the global menubar on-screen

    I'm trying out ubuntu 12.04 with Unity. I actually like the global menus at the top.

    However, the menus disappear until you mouse over them. Is it possible to configure them to stay on always?
  15. [all variants] Re: (how to) tutorial for controlling fan macbook / pro in natty 11.04

    Note: in the smcfancontrol script there is a dependency on 'bc' in line 117, which you won't have by default if using ubuntu server. So you may need to do 'apt-get install bc'

    Or, since this is a...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 - Cannot install, update or upgrade

    I thought I had the same problem here. Mine is an Ubuntu Server box which was originally installed as 9.10, then upgraded online to 10.04 LTS.

    However, careful examination of the output showed an...
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    Re: How to find "places" in Ubuntu Unity

    Sorry, I meant Maverick. I knew it was one away from Lucid, just in the wrong direction :-)

    On her login screen there was no option to choose a session. However I went to applications, searched...
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    How to find "places" in Ubuntu Unity

    My sister has a Dell Mini 9, but is not much of a Ubuntu expert. I recommended that she install the Karmic Netbook edition with Unity rather than standard Ubuntu. This might have been a bad idea, but...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Can't graph disk io & memory in virt-manager

    I get the same with 10.04 desktop (not compiling anything from source - even under server, I would have thought that "apt-get install virt-manager" would have pulled in all its dependencies...
  20. [all variants] Re: How to make an AMI/EC2 image visible in virt-manager

    Answering myself, I've started hacking together a script which generates the XML (below). It seems strange that I have to do this - is there really no simple interface for creating VMs from disk...
  21. [all variants] How to make an AMI/EC2 image visible in virt-manager

    I am able to run an Ubuntu AMI/EC2 image from the command line, following the instructions at
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    [ubuntu] Re: Notifications going downhill?

    Well that certainly stopped the pop-ups - but now I have no notification at all that upgrades are required. If they're there, I have to check for them manually. What I want is the arrow or...
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    [ubuntu] Notifications going downhill?

    I've been an Ubuntu user since Dapper. Now I have Karmic on my desktop, I can't help thinking that things have moved backwards in terms of notifications.

    (1) When a software update was available,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ureadahead update - can't login

    I had a similar problem with Xubuntu [Thinkpad X30 laptop, 1GB RAM, i915.modeset=0]

    When rebooting after the ureadahead update on Dec 4th, I couldn't login. I hadn't rebooted since Nov 29th, at...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Slow Xubuntu???!!!

    Two thoughts: maybe you have some sort of spurious interrupts going on, or maybe you are swapping to disk excessively.

    Post the outputs of:

    cat /proc/interrupts


    Also, run...
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