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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual Boot on Separate Hard Disk Drives

    What is issue?
    You say you already have them installed on separate drives? Or which is system is already installed?

    Is system UEFI or old BIOS. And is Windows in UEFI or BIOS boot mode?
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    Re: Need help to decide-newbie alert :)

    RAW is what Windows reports when drive is not formatted.
    But it really sees that from PBR - partition boot sector, not from partition table.

    Running chkdsk from Windows may repair it, you may...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to boot following attempted dual boot install

    Remove boot flag from sda7 as you can really only have one working boot flag per device.
    And then convert UEFI install of Ubuntu to BIOS boot install, just by reinstalling grub.
    UEFI uses...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Secure Boot UEFI and GRUB

    What version of Ubuntu?
    Is it fully updated?

    Ubuntu does work with Secure Boot, but if you have to have proprietary drivers for video or Wi-Fi chip, you have to add your own Key as Ubuntu cannot...
  5. Re: Ubuntu Server 20.04 guest stuck at "Booting from hard disk"

    Do you now have two Ubuntu installs? One desktop & one server?
    Are both installs UEFI?
    You only get one boot & grub menu that then would offer to boot other install.

    Lets see details, use ppa...
  6. Re: Dual Boot - MBR to GPT What can I expect?

    Windows only installs & boots in BIOS mode from MBR partitioned drives and only in UEFI boot mode from gpt partitioned drives. Also required partitions with Windows are significantly different. ...
  7. Re: Can CPUs render 2d GUIs without a graphics card?

    I do not game, so built this Haswell based system with intent not to use video card. I think all previous builds had CPU's without video.

    But I made a mistake. Video in, on monitor was VGA or...
  8. Re: Recommendations sought for salvaging hard drives

    If not seen in UEFI/BIOS, no system can repair or recovery it.

    So first is drive seen in BIOS?
    If not check all connections, try different cables, ports, then maybe Autodave's suggestion. Also...
  9. Re: Installing Ubuntu 20LTS dual boot with Windows: Speed, partition sizes

    I thought it was just turn off hibernation & the hiberfile & run a defrag. I used to run defrag weekly on my old XP system but have not used XP for 10 years.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing Ubuntu in m.2 internal SSD

    Correct key varies by vendor. Many are f12.

    UEFI/BIOS Boot keys - about halfway down on this Microsoft page...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing Ubuntu in m.2 internal SSD

    Some UEFI "forget" UEFI boot entries for disconnected drives. But most find Windows, but not Ubuntu.
    If entry lost you can use efibootmgr or Windows repairs to restore.
    Make sure you have Windows...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing Ubuntu in m.2 internal SSD

    Ubuntu's Ubiquity installer only installs grub to ESP on first drive. Usually Windows drive.
    But not sure with NVMe & sda drive which grub will see first. Probably depends on UEFI and which drive it...
  13. [kubuntu] Re: Boot Repair failed to help me boot inot kubuntu

    UEFI really wants gpt partitioning. Windows requires gpt partitioning for UEFI boot of Windows, but Ubuntu does not (it should).

    So your sda drive has the old MBR partitioning. If new install...
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    Re: a little instal advice please

    Is you system not 64Bit?
    And 555 bad sectors is not a good sign.

    May be time for a new system, or at least a newer used system?
  15. Re: Returning to dual-booting after a hiatus

    Did you go back and look at previous suggestions in your old thread, including those by me?
    I still suggest running Boot-Repair first. But do not run any autofix as Boot-Repair will want to install...
  16. Thread: Gmail - Google

    by oldfred

    Re: Gmail - Google

    I would not click on any links in a email.
    Possible phishing?

    I have google & did not get message.

    And Ubuntu does not access Google Mail. I use on line with Firefox or thru Thunderbird.
  17. Re: Installing Ubuntu 20LTS dual boot with Windows: Speed, partition sizes

    You need to change some settings in Windows to allow the shrink.

    How to Get Around Windows’ “Shrink Volume” Inadequacy Problems...
  18. Re: Installing Ubuntu 20LTS dual boot with Windows: Speed, partition sizes

    That will work.

    I like to have multiple installs and separate partitions for some things. Back with XP 10 years ago I also had a Shared NTFS data partition so I could use XP & Ubuntu with some of...
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    Re: New laptop - suspected faulty SSD

    In addition to UEFI/BIOS updates, you need to check for SSD firmware updates either from Novatech or SSD vendor.
  20. [ubuntu] Re: SOS Urgent **** Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) creating 360 mb journal per minut

    What brand/model system?

    Some need boot parameters.

    Problems Installing on ASUS F555U needed boot option pci=nomsi
    Asus x555u w/o pci=nomsi...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cannot seem to get GRUB Menu

    I installed Debian to my sdb drive, just to see how grub installed. It installed grub to the ESP on sdb without issue. Where Ubuntu's Ubiquity always installs to sda's ESP, no matter what you select...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual boot on separate drives issue

    Is sda2 your ESP - efi system partition?
    Ubuntu's Ubiquity installs grub boot loader into the ESP on the first drive, often sda.

    Did you create an ESP on your Ubuntu drive?
    Post this:
    lsblk -o...
  23. Re: Installing Ubuntu 20LTS dual boot with Windows: Speed, partition sizes

    We find many users who have an issue with the installer.

    Sometimes it is the flash drive, sometimes the downloaded ISO, sometimes just the port on the system used and sometimes the tool used to...
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    Re: a little instal advice please

    As I said you do not have an E: drive in Linux.

    Post this from live installer:
    sudo parted -l
    lsblk -f
  25. Re: Can someone help, issue with mount point versus directory with Back in Time backu

    I filled my / once, I fortunately had enough room that it did not totally crash system.

    I have an rsync script and added this to my script.

    # ! not - moved to install...
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