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  1. [all variants] HOWTO: Fix choppy flash videos on Intel 945GM


    Cliffnotes: Some people with Intel 945GM may notice that within the LiveDVD environment of Sabayon 4.2, you can play full screen HD...
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    [ubuntu] Re: LiveCD works better than installing?

    Alright now, this should be stickied for everyone else who has the Intel 945GM that experiences problems with full screen flash video playing choppily.

    I ran a diff on the entire filesystem of the...
  3. Re: Boston Univeristy's website possibly blocking Linux users?

    Ouch, it's a good thing I only concluded a possibility. Anyone have any suggestions as to what may be bogging down this connection between my computer and their server? If I load up Windows on this...
  4. Boston Univeristy's website possibly blocking Linux users?

    Am I the only one to experience difficulties trying to connect to from a Linux machine? I initially figured it might be a router/firewall problem but I tried on multiple Linux...
  5. Re: HOWTO: Access Motorola phones through USB on Hoary using Moto4Lin

    For java apps, you do not want to be the File Manager mode. Click on the 'Kjava' button to switch modes, then 'Add' the files there. After you upload each individual java app, 'Update List' and...
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    Re: UnrealTournament (UT99 GOTY) problem

    For UT99 based game servers, appError and fread usually link to a bad configuration file, or can be fixed with a reinstall. Try completely removing your UT install and starting from scratch.
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    Re: Fixing Flash sound, the Better Way

    This method seemed to have worked for me, however, whenever i switch between tabs/browser windows, there's a little skip in the sound. Is there any way to fix that?
  8. Re: HOWTO: Access Motorola phones through USB on Hoary using Moto4Lin

    To the people getting errors when executing the 'make' command, before you issue the 'make' command, you have to issue 'qmake' first, as per the tutorial.
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    Re: HOW TO: Switch desktops in 3D view! Cool!

    How did you take a screenshot while in the 3d desktop mode? The printscreen which works when a desktop is selected doesn't seem to work while in the 3d desktop mode -- I'm trying to take a...
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    Re: A-A to slow

    256MB - 8MB Integrated Graphics = 248MB.

    I don't think 8MB is suffice for America's Army.
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    Re: CedegaCVS: Yet another problem

    I guess I'm one of the lucky ones that got CedegaCVS to work. It took quite a few attempts and I did give up for a few days, but I went back at it and it installed with no errors. I ended up...
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    Re: Cedega 5.01 install troubles.

    You consider it ****** software, yet you're so persistent in getting it to install. Do you really think this '****** software' that took time to develop is worth all your troubles then?

    Have you...
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    Re: Cedega 5.01 install troubles.

    After searching for the name of your cedega file, I'm lead to believe that you didn't purchase Cedega for it's precompiled packages, but rather downloaded it from a torrent? $5.00/month isn't much...
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