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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Grub is broken after upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 (Dual boot)

    If you have a way to download and burn it supergrub might help you reinstall the grub.

    Also are you by chance running a hardware raid card, i had a similar problem...
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    need help recording from video camera

    I need to do the following, record on demand a feed from a camera setup in a single room only when it is needed not on a schedule. I have setup mythbuntu and love the backend (database) i have...
  3. Re: New Central Oklahoma (Shawnee) Ubuntu User!

    Hey Chris I am in Shawnee as well.
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    [ubuntu] virtualbox on a network

    First of all I hope this is in the right place. this is my first post and I hope I don't forget to much.

    I run a small office in which i have been slowly converting over to ubuntu since I starting...
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