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  1. Re: My Dual Boot Does Not Work To WinXP From Grub Menu, Help?

    I thought of trying rEFInd but yours is older MBR and rEFInd requires GPT to work..
  2. Re: Horrific state to be in. Can't install Ubuntu due to HDD issues? HELP!

    Before jumping into the "Install Ubuntu" option FIRST use "Try Ubuntu" option.This allows you to see Ubuntu at work before any changes.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Need help with a bash script

    To create a zenity like GUI where you can add popup quiz questions you might like Actiona which is in repo.
    Takes a bit of time to understand and since the Code widget uses Actionscript2 (extension...
  4. Re: Software to scan bookshelf backs and register books?

    My thought is that you could use some machine learning service (of book images) where book images are categorised into buckets.
    You would need to "train" the algorithm with examples.
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    Re: can I install Calibre without GUI?

    There is pandoc for cli usage
  6. Re: remote access without port fordwarding?

    I have no experience in this scenario so I am only musing over what I might try if in your shoes ..

    Would it be feasible to install webmin on your remote desktop and gain access to webmin port...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Completely clean computer for fresh install of Ubuntu

    Can you use a tool like xdotool or autokey to simulate pressing faulty R key .. as a temporary workaround?
    There are other similar tools for UI automation. Actiona is another one.
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Gnome-terminal opening automatically when VSCode launches

    I have VSCode dormant (for when I might need it) and I use Atom instead as my main dev editor.
    I might suggest opening developer tools in VSCode to inspect the instances of gnome-terminal.
  9. Re: Change Subject When Forwarding Emails- Thunderbird

    My first thought on reading this is to Google search for "parsing Thunderbird reply" and this does
    bring up some ideas to follow up.
  10. Re: Build your own ubuntu kernel without usb3 driver.

    Intuitively (since I have no experience in the subject) my first thought is to look at CUBIC.
    You might be able to knockout usb3.
  11. Re: Can someone check if the Australian server is working properly?

    Not sure if this helps but pinging from U.K. this site.

    ping -c 4
    PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
    64 bytes from
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    [server] Re: Advice for backup client/server

    I have bookmarked Tressorit as a candidate in my "things to do" for secure storage in the cloud. It is a Swiss based company.

    Perhaps experiment?
  13. Re: How Do I Safely Downgrade From PHP 7.4 to PHP 7.2

    Mautic looks interesting .. will experiment with it.
    In return ..
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    [ubuntu] Re: lockdown browser with linux

    Out of curiosity I searched this topic.
    Seems to be a ridiculous set of rules.
  15. Re: New fatal VirtualBox error in Ubuntu 20.10

    Recently I started exploring KVM with the aim of emulating IBM Power on KVM (I read an article).
    I have only installed KVM so far and cannot comment further . but could KVM work for you?
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    [ubuntu] Re: efibootmgr questions

    I'm afraid I still don't know what you are trying to achieve.
    Some time back I suggested trying Grub Customiser to gain some forensic insights
    into this confusing world but you asked why? Below...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: How do grub/ Ubuntu/ grub.cfg interact during boot ?

    I just point out that if you install rEFInd (see Rod Smith books) into one of your ESP partitions then it scans through all the available loaders and presents these in a GUI. Moreover in refind.conf...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: How do grub/ Ubuntu/ grub.cfg interact during boot ?

    Possibly .. you might get some insights by installing and launching grub customizer.

    I also find the writings of Rod Smith to be helpful. It was there that I found rEFInd as an alternative to the...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: How do grub/ Ubuntu/ grub.cfg interact during boot ?

    When I investigate such issues I often turn to ripgrep to explore various directories for file content
    First install ripgrep if not already installed

    sudo apt install rg

    Let us look for the...
  20. Re: Open xdg open? Open xdg open? Open xdg open? Open xdg open?

    To understand this, search "custom URL protocol handler" to see where this applies.

    Also in your gnome-terminal run the command ..

    xdg-open ""
    to launch URL in browser.
  21. [SOLVED] Re: stuff missing after upgrade to 20.04

    Works O.K. here on Ubuntu 20.04.
  22. Re: Where can I learn most used Ubuntu Commands?

    What might be helpful is a desktop tool to retain commands which you learn over time (rather than copying and pasting from fora).
    Just look at the number of commands under various topics here.
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    [ubuntu] Re: HP printer problem

    My old HP Laser Jet 2100 works on earlier Ubuntu but not on current 20.04.

    I compared my output with yours ..

    Missing Required Dependencies
    error: 'libcups2'...
  24. Re: Problems installing LUbuntu 20.04.1 from scratch

    You can set ESP partition boot flags through Gparted which I use from LiveUSB.
  25. Re: I search replacement of Cherry Tree

    In defence.

    That is not quite the case. True, the old Python2 based CherryTree is discontinued but the new GTK3 version emerges.
    In fact I continue to use both on Ubuntu 20.04 .. and Windows 10....
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