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  1. [all variants] Re: TeXLive created wrongly formatted pages since Oneiric

    Your locale settings is English, so you get the english settings for numbers, papersize, etc.
    I found this page: Locale
    Your language setting (in system settings), LC_PAPER and /etc/papersize seem...
  2. [all variants] Re: Database over files and directories?

    I haven't tried such software, but searching on "catalog" in Ubuntu Software Center gives, for instance, "Gnome Catalog" and "GWhere".
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    [ubuntu] Re: giving a user root priveleges?

    If the program is owned by root, you could use the following UNSAFE method:

    $ sudo chmod +s /path/program
    The s-flag will make the program run under the uid of the owner of the command.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Best Terminal Font

    Thanks for the instructions.
    I like this font.
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