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    Start new X session on VNC over SSH without (or through) lightdm joined by x11vnc's author has some hints on setting up what you had in mind.
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    Start new X session on VNC over SSH without (or through) lightdm

    It's a GUI for the local screen, so presumably yes on both if is any indication...
    That's the idea how it should be feasible.
    Both vino-server and...
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    Start new X session on VNC over SSH without (or through) lightdm

    Wondering if x11vnc (or tightvncserver / vnc4server) still is the best approach in the first place (though often recommended from the Gnome days, e.g....
  4. irsend with mceusb in kernel: not rather than LIRC,but using it,even over the network

    Should an MCE Blaster still work on 12.10? says the thread is closed, then so is MCEUSB IR Blaster problem after upgrade to Mythbuntu 11.04 and Kernel (and much has changed over the past few years...
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    Re: Custom EDID with 14.04 + intel HD graphics

    Could you let us know what this custom file looks like and how it has to be named so that both the driver (if not Intel) and xrandr may use it?

    I have a hunch that not all of...
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    [ubuntu] rsxs rss-glx - Re: Where did Helios Screensaver go?

    rss-glx_install needs to be run once (by 12.04 still) in the shell for Helios to show up in xscreensaver-demo, cf.
    No idea why the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: rsxs rss-glx OpenGL screensaver help

    Years later, on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin", the message instead is:Anyhow, no need to recompile it yourself, as (from rather than the above URL) the...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: No Sound: ATI Technologies Inc Manhattan HDMI Audio [Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Seri

    As per and further references therein (as well as spec sheets in places such...
  9. [ubuntu] Re^6: Finalizing partition migration

    After a "swapoff /dev/sdb10" from the Live CD (since without even asking -like most- it will use any it finds; risky as that is for rescue operations in case of a hard disk "on its way out"),...
  10. [ubuntu] Re^4: Finalizing partition migration

    Thanks all the more! There's one further piece of advice that might complement this thread:
    tune2fs -U won't work (expectedly) on the swap partition, but which other utility will?
    Not sure "man...
  11. [ubuntu] Re^2: Finalizing partition migration

    Many thanks again for your help and these opportunities to benefit from your experience! :) I recalled duplicate not-so-Universally-Unique-IDs were sometimes causing unhandled errors in RAIDs, as...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Finalizing partition migration

    Migrating UUIDs as in reading them with blkid /dev/sdb5 and then setting them by tune2fs /dev/sdc5 -U "49149403-34b5-4058-a80a-aa09baf689a9" etc. (which could probably be made into a one-liner with...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Migrating to ext4 partition: Change in rights?

    All went well. :)
    Now while I'm at it, since cp has no verify option, is there a "surefire" way to compare the copies of entire trees for both completeness (all files and attributes/rights) and...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Migrating to ext4 partition: Change in rights?

    Well, the root partition / for one thing is expected to have links that might go to other partitions, such as:
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 30 2011-08-14 16:57 vmlinuz ->...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Migrating to ext4 partition: Change in rights?

    Many thanks, looks like I was right to question Disk Utility's default the moment I saw it (and wrong only to keep it ticked). That one probably should be changed in general.

    Is there anything...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Migrating to ext4 partition: Change in rights?

    [/QUOTE]Thanks for your swift reply, which would mean a recursive granting of rights to everything on the partition (and probably all other file systems it has links into) - or to all there is (i.e....
  17. [ubuntu] Migrating to ext4 partition: Change in rights?

    To migrate Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS to a new hard disk, ext4 partitions have been created there, e.g. the new "/" (named root so it will be recognizably mounted as /media/root when double-clicked) as seen...
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    [ubuntu] Migrate files&just reboot,not legacy file system structures needing risky conversions

    That's because posts preaching the least suitable approach IMHO are seen all over the Internet for many a "unixoid" system:

    Usually when migrating an existing installation to a new hard disk, you...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to log in as normal user after migration to new hard drive?

    Encountered some strange effects after cp -ax on all partitions (and grub-install to the new /dev/sdc from a Live CD chroot of course):
    No user but root would be allowed to log on (and even that...
  20. [ubuntu] Legacy app needs libgtk-1.2, etc., how to install on 10.04?

    Occasionally I have to bring up the remote-control application for a legacy OS/2 firewall&NAT (running on early ancient first-gen Pentiums from -and continously ever since- the mid-1990s), fgui out...
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    [ubuntu] Re: x11vnc + Fluxbox on Ubuntu Server 10.04

    Deep inside the docs lies this important piece of information at

    Some clients don't even complain but just stop connecting without...
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    [ubuntu] Re: x11vnc + Fluxbox on Ubuntu Server 10.04

    If you may have to paste clipboard contents to the VNC server at some point, you might want to "sudo apt-get install autocutsel" to make sure you can (GNOME at least seems to need it, except for just...
  23. [ubuntu] Empathy on Lucid:Sometimes empty from System/Preferences/Startup Applications;-h etc.

    According to
    and Empathy is supposed to autostart with the Contact List always open if entered...
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    [ubuntu] Re: x11vnc + Fluxbox on Ubuntu Server 10.04

    An unsafe way to get it running with just one line:

    Put your password for remote logon into /home/user/.vnc/x11vnc.passwd (unlike -unixpw this will not additionally ask for a user name).

  25. [ubuntu] Re: Error: A partition cannot have a length of -1 sectors

    Presumably not. We rather seem to be encountering (ever more often since 1+ TB drives have become commonplace) an issue with GParted that has been around for years (and remains uncorrected at least...
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