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  1. [server] Re: SHA512 password hashing for FTP servers using mysql database

    why? Because you can encrypt FTP with SSL. The devices that will be logging into the server doesn't support SFTP, and i rather not have a web facing database with plain text passwords in it.
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    [server] Re: ubuntu14.04 apache multi website

    for virtual servers you must specify the server name for each

    <VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName <ipaddress here> (or DNS name '')
    DocumentRoot /var/www/site1
  3. [server] SHA512 password hashing for FTP servers using mysql database

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently trying to set up an ftp server that uses virtual user accounts which are shared with an web login. I currently have vsftpd set up and it is working fine with the test...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu serv 10.10, postfix smtp authentication

    Using this (as bolded above) brings back the domain in my queries but then I don't think postfix is being able to use sasl to match the passwords with.

    i dunno i give up on it :mad:
  5. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu serv 10.10, postfix smtp authentication

    ah yes they are different config files which all appear to be working fine. The one i'm looking at atm is /etc/postfix/sasl/smtp.conf


    pwcheck_method: saslauthd
    mech_list: plain login...
  6. [ubuntu] ubuntu serv 10.10, postfix smtp authentication

    hey guys,

    so been pulling my hair out for the last 2 days on trying to get my email server running with virtual users / domains coming out of an mysql server. One last hurdle i need to get over is...
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    [ubuntu] 10.10 server: php-mysql not working

    Hi guys,

    Tried multiple times to reinstall php5 with the mysql addon but i can't seem to get it working at all.

    have installed:
    mysql (server and client)

    as well as the...
  8. [ubuntu] Sharing a folder with windows via commandline

    Okay so i have a Ubuntu web-server running here that i'm using for an intranet server. I've just set up an 'testing' section on the server so i can play with the site before it goes on release.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Apache2 virtual host

    bumping due to lack of replys
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    [ubuntu] Apache2 virtual host

    evening all,

    since i've started using ubuntu 10.10 (or 10.04) and 11.04 i've been unable to successfuly get virtual host running on my machines,

    i was about to get them running in 9.04 i...
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    [ubuntu] Re: apache2 and php5 weird problem

    i found the issue.

    main include folder was 'Include' which works on windows but not on linux :| should of been 'include'
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    [ubuntu] Re: apache2 and php5 weird problem

    i've found the issue. for some reason by default the php error output was disabled. so the php was actually working on my server but i couldn't see that it was returning errors.

    i made the site on...
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    [ubuntu] apache2 and php5 weird problem

    okay just installed php5 and apache2 to run a website i'm working on atm for work. php is installed in apache and works fine by doing a phpinfo()

    but when i load up my website none of my php code...
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    [ubuntu] ubuntu server 10.10 new network card

    hey guys,

    just put a new network card into my server and i'm not sure if it's been picked up by the server or what not. having trouble setting an ip to it.

    maybe i need to install the drivers....
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    [ubuntu] Mounting windows share to folder

    hey guys,

    in the newst version of ubuntu i can't figgure out how to mount windows shares into folder like you used to be able to.

    used to use
    smbmount //
  16. Thread: Java problem

    by cyclobs

    [ubuntu] Java problem

    hey guys. thinking this is a java problem. trying to run a minecraft server with mods. The server crashes with this error

    [SimpleServer] Minecraft process stopped unexpectedly! Automatically...
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    ircu compiling issues

    trying to compile ircu server and i keep getting this error. any ideas?

    Building config...
    make[1]: Entering directory `/home/cyclobs/irc-servers/ircu2.10.10/config'
    make[1]: Nothing to be...
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    [ubuntu] (wrong forum)

    (wrong forum)
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    creating keyboard keys

    Hey guys,

    so basically i can write Lua scripts to do anything i want so what i wanna do is. i have the extra keys on my keyboard that i can assin Lua scripts so basically i want to make these keys...
  20. [all variants] Re: 5.1 surround sound over digital (asus STX)

    i got it running on digital but it's only a 2 speaker configuration
  21. [all variants] 5.1 surround sound over digital (asus STX)

    Has anyone got any guides or ideas about getting full 5.1 sound setup workining over digital.. much like what i can do with windows.

    Good to see support for my sound card on the new ubuntu. i can...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: How to share torrents profile if dual booting?

    you can.

    but it's hard and start up is slow between switching them.

    basically you make a symbolic link to the windows config file and also set up a symbolic link to your windows download...
  23. project proposal for any bored javascript developers

    hey guys.

    So i came accross a project i was interested in but i suck too much at JS and programming to be able to do it and so i thought i might pass this idea onto someone who is looking to do a...
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    Re: Nvidia GEFORCE 7300 Le Driver issue

    the 7300LE is a pretty crappy card for gaming (i know i have one) what drivers are you trying run? i've managed to get the drivers installed fine on my xp system. you're not running ATI tools or...
  25. [ubuntu] Just installed a asus STX, volume control no longer works

    hey guys, just got my self a new sound card, the asus essence STX. running on kernel 2.6.30 cause it has the drivers for the card.

    my issue is since i've installed the new card the volume controls...
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